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New Project: Minimalist Mediterranean: Scandi design and functionality meets Wabi-Sabi décor.

Our new interior design project in Fuerteventura is a villa with pool in Casilla de Costa, Villaverde. The simplicity and modernity of the Scandinavian design, its clean lines, wooden furniture and neutral colour palette are contrasted by the dramatic authenticity of Wabi Sabi décor. Harmony and balance reside in the common love of these styles for natural materials: rattan, rustic wood, linen, and bamboo outdoor furniture. The result is a modern, minimalist aesthetic with the warmth and soul of a Mediterranean home.

Is it possible to decorate an Ibizan-style villa in Fuerteventura? Can you design a home with the typical Mediterranean décor and flavours in the Canary Islands? This has been our challenge (and mission), during the interior design of this three bedrooms villa. When the clients contacted our studio, they were very specific about how they envisioned their dream home: they wanted the Ibiza vibe, a predominantly white and neutral décor, natural materials and a simple and modern design. A minimalist home but with a strong, unique and specific accent.

Moving permanently from Barcelona to Fuerteventura with their daughter, we understood how important it was for this couple to brief us in details about all their necessities and expectations. As social media influencers and digital entrepreneurs, they needed a professional home office where to host online meetings with clients and participate in online events. A kitchen island was also a must-have as they needed to record professional healthy-foodie-content to share with their followers.

Our interior designer began the project designing the space in 3D. At Noogar, we do not want to simply create a "modern interior design" or a "minimalist home décor". First, we listen to our clients' specific needs, we take time understanding what they like in terms of style, design, furniture and décor. This is our favourite and most creative part of the project because we get to know our clients, we familiarize with the empty space to decorate, we begin to see the potential of the property and ideas begin to flow. By understanding your taste and what you need, we don't just create the "style" that you like, we design and decorate according to "your own style".

Following our clients specific requirements, we designed a space that feels open and minimal where white is the main colour both indoor and outdoor. Using natural materials and furniture made with natural wood was a spontaneous step but in order not to decorate a typical Scandinavian home interior, we decided to introduce touches of Wabi-Sabi (a Japanese home décor philosophy that focuses on the beauty of imperfections) and traditional Mediterranean decorative features (in particular its emphasis on indoor/outdoor living).

It seemed impossible at first to use influences from both styles in the home design but we soon discovered how much they had in common. The moment we focused on expressing, experimenting and most importantly balancing their similarities, we were finally ready to show our clients the mood-boards of each room and the 3D space plan. The white, minimalist, less-is-more styling of the Scandinavian décor became a blank canvas to introduce Mediterranean elements like natural finishes and also rustic, handcrafted objects like decorative vases filled with dried flowers. These decorative features are also present in Wabi-Sabi tradition where natural imperfections are perfect to add texture and personality to the space.

Once we were happy with the interior design, it was time to start working hard to make it a reality for our clients. The good thing about having an interior designer in Fuerteventura is having someone who can do all the work for you, someone who can be in charge of the renovation and follow its progress, someone who can buy exclusive furniture and home decorations that you won't be able to find on the island. Someone who can save you a lot of time, stress and money because when you decorate a property, doing it properly from the beginning will spare you unnecessary future costs.

In the living room we added highly textured wooden slats to the main wall, to contrast with the predominant whiteness of the room and opted for a black metal lamp to illuminate the space. When you decorate a home, if you can't change something, it does not mean you can ignore it either. The villa features a black metal staircase and black window frames so we had to introduce a little nod to industrial style. The designer lamp and the custom-designed round metal coffee table add another layer to the interior design.

Mediterranean style is all about creating a sense of hospitality within your home through multiple seating. We conveyed this feeling using a large, white, Scandinavian design sofa that is undoubtedly a statement piece of furniture for this open, airy, breezy living room décor. The simplicity of the white curtains, the minimalist design of the wooden chairs with their round shapes and the natural wood table and sideboard add warmth and colour to the space without cluttering it.

Using tiles was mandatory and what better space other than the kitchen? We designed a kitchen that includes open cabinets to respect the Mediterranean tradition of showing dishware and kitchen accessories. The shiny white handcrafted tiles add texture to the overall white kitchen where a golden faucet and wooden shelves create a welcoming, subtly rustic kitchen décor. The custom-designed storage unit and the small kitchen island make of this Mediterranean kitchen a functional place to start the day.

On the ground floor we find a room that we decorated using shades of white and beige. This was going to become the home office, a peaceful and relaxing room where to work comfortably. Another distinguishing element of a Mediterranean home is natural light and, in this room, it is as abundant as in the living room. When natural light illuminates a minimalist interior full on natural and organic materials, the whole interior design is elevated. Working in a nicely decorated and organized space is also important to be more productive.

The terrace with pool was one of the first spaces we began to work on. It was important that the outdoor design felt like an extension of the interior, creating a flowing, uninterrupted indoor/outdoor living space. During the design process, we included a custom-made bench to allow for more seating, reserved some areas for plants and decided on the outdoor lighting plan. Everything is white from the walls and the large floor tiles to the swimming pool frame.

Bamboo is another natural material that is found in both Mediterranean décor and Wabi-Sabi so, to keep the decoration cohesive with the minimalist interior, we decided to make a strong statement with the outdoor furniture. We opted for an elegant bamboo outdoor modular sofa, a squared bamboo lounge table and also bamboo sunbeds. Thanks to the Scandinavian inspired design of the handmade bamboo furniture, we managed to add a neutral dimension to the terrace and, at the same time, create a peaceful, natural, eco-friendly and sustainable décor.

The celebration of natural materials continues with the bedroom decoration. In the master bedroom we find a white organic cotton headboard, wooden bedside tables, a rustic wood bench, linen covers and a rattan ceiling lamp. All the top elements of the interior design are found here, declined in different shapes and colours: the warm Mediterranean tones, the Wabi-Sabi inspired lamps, natural wood and a white carpet. They all coexist in one room creating an entirely new, modern bedroom styling.

On the other hand, the bedroom for our clients' teenage daughter follows the Scandinavian aesthetic and welcomes you with a handmade bamboo headboard and cotton and jute cushions. We also made sure to include a dresser with a vanity mirror, floating shelves and some framed pictures including a beautiful art print of an Egon Schiele painting.

We are as happy as our clients about the final result. There is a sense of flow throughout the house but every room maintains its specific personality. What at first seems a minimalist, Scandinavian design, with simple and straight lines, reveals an interior decoration where natural elements and natural finishes bring out the authentic, beautiful imperfections of Wabi-Sabi and the rustic accent of Mediterranean homes. The fragility of dry twigs coming out of decorative vases contrasts the energy of life of the green plants.

An original abstract painting made by Noogar and a handmade swing created by a local artist are the final decorative touches. Keeping the space as open as possible manifests balance, order and a sense of calmness that invites you to both disconnect and keep your mind focused when you need to. There is a purpose and a space for every furniture and every object. Every statement piece add beauty and style, effortlessly, without spoiling the apparent minimalism of the interior. Time seems to stand still but like the breeze that slightly moves the swing , everything flows: from natural materials to designer furniture, from indoor to outdoor, from one room to the next.

Noogar can offer you many professional interior design services to decorate your villa or home in Fuerteventura. We can manage the project from renovation to the final interior decoration and furnishing. Contact Us for a free quotation.

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