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Interior design project in the newly built residential buildings of 'El Palmeral', in La Capellanía, near Corralejo, Fuerteventura. 

This villa with swimming pool  harmoniously fuses the simplicity of minimalism, the essence of Nordic design, a touch of ethnic flavour and a neutral and relaxing color palette. 

Villa Noma is a comfortable and private oasis, embraced by palm trees and a relaxing atmosphere. A space that serves as both a quiet retreat and a comfortable vacation villa. 

Despite the modern, white design of the development, our purpose was to elevate the aesthetics and experience within its walls, exploring different decorative solutions to create a unique and captivating interior decoration. 

Thus we create an environment that harmoniously incorporates natural elements such as stone and wood, clean lines and a Mediterranean color palette of white, grey and beige. 

The villa invites you to embark on a visual journey that transcends the limits of design and style. It captures the essence of a nomadic soul and embraces the concept of the ephemeral, celebrating the transitory nature of things. 

It is a sanctuary to return to and find solace between trips. A project that presents the idea that home is not just a place; it is an evolving reflection of the stories and experiences we carry with us.



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