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Armario de obra con puertas de madera, de un apartamento minimalista en Lajares, Fuerteventura.


A charming apartment in the heart of Lajares, a very popular town among surf and yoga lovers in Fuerteventura. 
With stunning views over the Calderón Hondo volcano, we designed a relaxing and welcoming space filled with natural decorations, handcrafts, and a minimalist color palette reminiscent of a Mediterranean-style surf retreat.


Vulkan House is a modern and functional apartment where each piece of furniture has the purpose of connecting with the surrounding nature and its peaceful stillness. 
We kept the available space in the apartment as open and natural as possible, introducing a built-in kitchen and wardrobe, to add design elements without cluttering the space. 

A place to unwind and recharge. An apartment that finds its identity within a majestic landscape in a calm and modern way, which fits well with the quiet but vibrant community of Lajares. 




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