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Welcome to Casa Kenobi, an interior design project that challenges the boundaries of black and white aesthetics. 

Our mission was to completely transform this two-bedroom apartment located in the residential complex of Casilla de Costa (Villaverde - Fuerteventura), infusing it with interesting textures and modern, futuristic shapes. 

From the very first contact with our client, we knew it would be an exciting challenge. Organising his permanent move from Milan to Fuerteventura, he needed a space that reflected his unique style. This is where we, as interior designers, stepped in, maximising the potential of the space and creating decor that exuded urban elegance, sophistication, and a strong sense of individuality. 

The fusion of classic minimalism and retro-futurism resulted in a harmonious blend of the past and the future. Breaking creative barriers, we playfully utilised black and white to weave combinations of tones, styles, and patterns that transcend time. We freely mixed different materials and design elements, crafting an 'interstellar' ambiance where the past and future delicately coexist.


Immerse yourself in this parallel universe of design and discover how a creative vision can transform a space, reflecting the unique spirit of our client. 

Casa Kenobi is an impressive example of the immense possibilities an interior designer can bring to a home in Fuerteventura. Explore this project and be inspired by its distinctive and avant-garde style.