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Dormitorio de estilo nórdico, con paneleado de madera y textiles de color amarillo mostaza y blanco. Parte de una vivienda muy acogedora en Corralejo, Fuerteventura. Diseñada por el interiorista Fabio Esposito de Noogar.


Interior design project in Pueblo Canario, a residential complex in La Capellanía, near Corralejo, in Fuerteventura.

We approached the project from its beginnings with the aim of making this house stand out completely from the rest of the houses in the urbanisation and we managed the full renovation to create a minimalist villa that feels peaceful, natural and functional.

As our clients, a lovely couple from Barcelona, intended to use the property both as a holiday home and also as a holiday rental, the main purpose was to create a cozy and very stylish space. 

We envisioned a more modern open-plan layout that would connect each room to the next, so that the entire ground floor could be explored seamlessly, from inside to outside, simply by walking in a circle. 


In Catalan, the word 'mare' means Mother and 'terra' means Earth, so this project wants to be a tribute to Mother Earth, combining the desert landscape of Fuerteventura with the interior design of the space. A balance that fuses moments of explosive audacity and rich colours with subtle changes and comforting forms. 
A cozy, minimalist and functional design that through the colours of the desert, wood paneling, original works of art, natural fabrics and custom-made furniture, reflects the landscapes of the island.