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New Project: Villa Tropico - an artistic expression of nordic design in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

Nestled in the peaceful and private Tamarindo 2, in Corralejo, Fuerteventura, we took on the challenging task of fully renovating and designing this stunning three-bedroom villa with pool, transforming it into a nordic-inspired, open-plan space that elegantly blends minimalist shapes with bold, monochromatic touches of colours. Every detail of this nordic design villa has been meticulously custom-designed to seamlessly integrate and express its strong artistic soul through handmade artisanal crafts, design furniture, ceramic tiles and a clean yet impactful aesthetic.

Nordic Design Villa with pool in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. Design furniture and minimalist style. Interior Design and Home Renovation by interior designer Noogar

We approached the full renovation of Villa Tropico with the idea of creating a space that would transcend the conventional simplicity and elegance of Nordic design through an expressive and purposeful use of colours, textures and materials, and a careful selection of decorative objects.

As the owner wanted to completely refurbish and modernise his property in Corralejo, turning it into a luxury holiday villa with swimming pool, our mission was to create an inviting and awe-inspiring space for guests to enjoy an unforgettable, relaxing stay. The renovation of the property into a Nordic-inspired design villa in Corralejo, Fuerteventura, was an immensely satisfying journey.

The client soon understood that if he wanted his property to perform well on the rental market, he had to add value to it and make use of its incredible potential. Therefore, he entrusted us with the project, including the full management of the renovation, and gave us total freedom to design a whole new home.

Focusing the main architectural intervention and structural changes on the layout of the living space, we decided on a living-room extension towards the patio that would allow us to substantially increase the available indoor space and create a visual connection with the patio, the pool and the views over the surrounding palm trees.

Our intervention extended to every part of the house, from its facade, doors and windows to its floors and outdated bathrooms. For this reason, each solution has been carefully thought and executed to ensure a harmonious blend of elements, a cohesive style and a truly fascinating and functional result.

To emphasise the serene feeling of continuity that an open-plan space emanates, we introduced circular shapes through some of the furniture, the wood lined arch that opens to the kitchen and the custom made headboards; we painted the walls white and also replaced the old tiled floor with a light wood one in all rooms.

Nordic Design Villa with pool in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. Full home renovation, open plan living room, indoor outdoor living space. Design furniture and minimalist decor. Interior Design and Home Decoration by interior design studio Noogar

Embracing the clean, minimalistic philosophy of Nordic design helped us create the perfect blank canvas where to start infusing the space with a sense of artistic tension and visual intrigue through different shades of red, terracotta, and beige present on ceramic tiles, crafts and some pieces of furniture. A visual tapestry that exudes warmth and creates a dynamic and expressive atmosphere.

Nordic Design Villa with pool in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. Interior design project and interior decoration by Noogar

The entrance to Villa Tropico immediately transports you inside a private oasis surrounded by palm and tamarind trees. Entering the living space there is a pleasant sensation of openness and spaciousness as natural light pervades every surface thanks to the large window and a sliding glass door installed along the whole new extended wall.

In this ethereal space, the piece that sets the mood of the whole interior decoration is the brick-red modular sofa. It adds a subtle yet interesting pop of colour while the white carpet with a black line drawing enhances the room's creative personality.

To add texture and a sense of authenticity in the living-room, an entire white brick wall and a custom-made room divider effortlessly blend into the design while vases and materials like wood and leather contribute to a rich, tactile experience.

An original abstract painting serves as a captivating focal point in the dining area where an oval-shaped mango wood table and chairs are positioned below a low-hanging modern lamp.

There is an open dialogue between the two spaces, between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, that is based on the unique depth that each texture brings without disrupting the overall delicate balance of the interior design.

Nordic Design Villa with pool in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. Kitchen design, kitchen tiles, modern rustic kitchen by interior designer Noogar

A dialogue that continues in the custom-made kitchen where the terracotta colour of the tiles is in contrast with the clean lines of the white cabinets and the Dekton countertop that imitates wood.

The kitchen still feels like it's part of the open-plan space, but it's more intimate, with a new breakfast area with bamboo stools that allow guests to enjoy their coffee while looking at the pool area. Functionality and warmth are the absolute protagonists.

Each and every bedroom of the villa features custom-designed headboards, natural materials and organic textiles to instill a peaceful mood. Our purpose was to convey the individuality of each room through colour.

The master bedroom is decorated with neutral tones and emanates the calmness and 'hygge mood' typical of nordic decor.

On the other hand, we introduced a more audacious shade of brick-red in the second bedroom where modern bohemian accents make it feel enveloping and exotic.

Mustard yellow is the colour we used in the smallest one of the bedrooms to inject it with a vibrant and eclectic touch that would maximize both style and functionality.

Accent wall, custom-made bedroom headboard, warm palette, decorative cushions. Design Villa with pool in Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canarias. Interior design project and full renovation by Noogar

The result of the bathrooms renovation showcases the elegant blend of modern aesthetic with the allure of handmade elements.

In the en-suite bathroom, wonderful emerald green ceramic tiles adorn the walls, immersing it into a sophisticated dimension that accentuates its opulence through golden faucets and shower head.

Off-white and terracotta-coloured tiles infuse the atmosphere in the second bathroom, with a sense of rusticity and artistic flair.

In both we opted for sleek walk-in showers and large floor tiles to enhance comfort and the feeling of openness.

Bathroom renovation and design with walk-in shower and terracotta colour handmade ceramic tiles. Luxury Design Villa with pool in Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canarias. Interior design project and full renovation by Noogar

A private garden surrounds the villa and to ensure maximum privacy in the outdoor patio with pool, we raised the wall in such a way that guests could enjoy the sunshine away from prying eyes.

The new garden and outdoor design provides a sensation of absolute relax, as the views of the blue sky and swaying palm trees feel idyllic.

The transition between the interior and exterior spaces is seamless thanks to a sand beige tiled floor and the wooden sunbeds and the bamboo sling chairs.

Luxury Design Villa with pool in Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canarias. Interior design project and full renovation by Noogar

Villa Tropico is a space that instantly evokes tranquillity and wonder through its meaningful design and stimulating decoration. A delicate and minimalist visual symphony with a crescendo of surprising moments of colour and expression.

More than a renovation, this project felt like a liberating creative experience that will hopefully resonate with guests, leaving a lasting impression on their experience.

To see all the photos of the project click here.


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Indoor-Outdoor open living space at night. Luxury Design Villa with pool in Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canarias. Interior design project and full renovation by interior designer Noogar

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