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New Project: Villa Noma - a journey from modern minimalism to ethnic elegance in Fuerteventura.

Updated: Feb 19

Among the newly-built residential buildings of 'El Palmeral' in La Capellanía (Tamaragua, Fuerteventura), our latest interior design project seamlessly weaves together the simplicity of minimalism, the essence of Balinese design, a dash of ethnic flavor and a soothing, neutral color palette. From its construction, our interior designer's journey mirrors that of a nomadic soul - it doesn't dwell on a particular style for too long but it's deeply inspired by the uniqueness of each culture. Villa Noma is a comfortable, private oasis in the desert, embraced by palm trees and a refreshing pool. A voyage towards the beauty of impermanence.

Interior Design and Decorating project of a Villa with pool in La Capellania, Tamaragua, El Palmeral, Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

If we had to define the essence of Villa Noma, we would need to find an adjective that encapsulates the avid passion of its owners for travelling and our desire to create a design space that could serve as both a peaceful retreat and a comfortable holiday villa.

We had the incredible opportunity to start designing this villa from the very early stages of its construction, something that allowed us to integrate bespoke features, custom-made elements and most importantly it allowed us the time to carefully consider the most effective way to optimize the use of the space.

Despite the white, modern design of El Palmeral residential complex, our purpose was to respect but also elevate the aesthetic and experience within its walls, using a unique design approach and exploring different decorative solutions to craft a unique and captivating interior decoration.

We played with the idea of designing a villa that would reflect the fusion between different cultures and the seamless blending of the indoor with the outdoor space. Therefore, it was important for us to create an environment that harmoniously incorporates natural elements like stone and wood, clean lines and a soothing, mediterranean style color palette of white, grey, and beige.

This creative yet thoughtful interior design journey begins with an open-plan living space adorned with a stunning high ceiling and glass door-windows with direct access to the patio, allowing for idyllic garden views and abundant natural light. Vertical, custom-designed wooden stripes are placed along one of the living room walls, adding visual interest, dynamism and tridimensionality to the space.

A beige sofa, complemented by rattan armchairs and round, natural wood coffee tables and stools, creates a warm and inviting space, perfect for relaxation and socializing. Subtle bohemian and moroccan style hints are tastefully incorporated into the carpet and cushions, providing a nuanced and eclectic charm.

Neutral interior design with mediterranean elements and natural materials for a living room. Villa with pool in La Capellania, Tamaragua, El Palmeral, Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

The kitchen island, serving as a dining or breakfast area, features long wooden shelves reminiscent of Mediterranean homes and their authentic interior styling that promotes artisanal vases and organic materials and fibers. The kitchen design boasts a thoughtful layout, effortlessly blending functionality with aesthetics: built-in solutions and nooks optimize the flow within the space while the grey kitchen quartz top serves as a catalyst bridging elements of minimal interiors with ethnic vibes.

Kitchen design and decoration, custom-made kitchen in Fuerteventura for a Villa with pool in La Capellania, Tamaragua, El Palmeral, Corralejo by interior designer Noogar.

A sliding door opens the way to a spacious master bedroom that immediately feels like a comforting cocoon and features retro-style elements like the design of the bedframe and the hanging ceiling lamps.  To infuse warmth, a portion of the wall has been adorned with a playful, textured recycled wood panelling. Natural materials, along with an assortment of baskets and textiles, sustain the captivating ethnic ambiance, yielding a purposeful bedroom that peacefully coexists with the modern, white brick wall and black accents of the en-suite bathroom.

Bedroom with ensuite bathroom, double sink, walk-in shower. Interior design and renovation of a Villa with pool in La Capellania, Tamaragua, El Palmeral, Corralejo

Upstairs, a tranquil double bedroom awaits, where we have embraced the elegance of neutral decor and calming circular shapes. To enhance this serenity, a custom-designed arch graces the headboard wall, functioning as an accent that instills peace into the room. The ambiance is minimalistic but heavily contaminated by Mediterranean a Middle Eastern-style elements like the rattan lamp and carpet.

In the third bedroom, featuring a bunk bed, we've created a versatile space that seamlessly transitions between work and relaxation. The room showcases a captivating fusion of wood, natural materials, and Nordic-inspired elements, contributing to its unique character and functionality.

Neutral decor for a bedroom and accent wall. Villa with pool in La Capellania, Tamaragua, El Palmeral, Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

The outdoor space invites you to indulge in a secluded and totally relaxing oasis featuring a heated pool and a modular sofa paired with a Tadelakt coffee table, evoking the allure of Moroccan interior design. A meticulously landscaped haven adorned with palm trees, cacti, and the added luxury of an outdoor shower.

Elegantly curated in a crisp white palette, the outdoor furniture enhances the overall sense of expansiveness. As you walk through the patio, the mesmerizing beauty of the garden unfolds — a harmonious fusion of vibrant greenery, juxtaposed against black stones, with panoramic views of the majestic surrounding mountains.

Patio with heated pool, outdoor sofa, tadelakt moroccan style coffee table, cactus, palms and outdoor shower. Villa in La Capellania, Tamaragua, El Palmeral, Corralejo by interior designer Noogar.

Villa Noma invites you to embark on a visual journey that transcends the boundaries of design and style. It captures the essence of a nomadic soul and it embraces the concept of impermanence, celebrating the transient nature.

Every aspect of its design is imbued by the pervasive presence of white, neutral colours and interesting furniture and decorations that take you to a safe oasis from the moment you step inside.

It is a sanctuary to return to and find solace in between journeys. A project that presents the idea that home is not just a place; it is an evolving reflection of the stories and experiences we carry with us.

Indoor outdoor living, open plan space design, new construction, patio with pool for a Villa in La Capellania, Tamaragua, El Palmeral, Corralejo by interior designer and home decorator Noogar.

To see all the photos of the project click here.


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