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New Project: Casa Kenobi - a monochromatic, Star-Wars inspired apartment in Fuerteventura.

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Embracing our client's desire for black and white interiors, we fully changed and improved his two-bedroom apartment in the residential complex Casilla de Costa (Villaverde - Fuerteventura), seeking to infuse the space with interesting textures and modern, futuristic shapes. Casa Kenobi is an 'inter-stellar', monochromatic apartment where the contact between classical minimalism and retro-futurism results in a decoration that radiates urban elegance, sophistication and a strong sense of style and individuality.

Monochromatic interior design, modern futuristic bedroom decoration with a black wall panel, design pendant lights, custom-made nook for an apartment in Casilla de Costa, Villaverde, Fuerteventura.

When our Italian client contacted our interior design studio in Fuerteventura he was busy organising his permanent move from Milan to his newly bought two-bedroom apartment in the Canary Islands, and therefore needed the services of an interior designer to create a whole new design and furnish the space with a unique style. He also needed someone he could trust to manage the project and have the apartment ready in time for his arrival to the island.

Working in real estate for many years, our client knew exactly what he wanted for his apartment decoration and also expressed the importance of designing a space that would prioritise comfort and functionality.

His vision was clear from the very first phone call and the exciting journey towards Casa Kenobi began with just three requests from the client: an entirely monochromatic apartment in Fuerteventura, an unusually modern black and white colour palette, and a necessary nod to his passion for the Star Wars saga.

We know from experience that when clients calls us to design and decorate a property where they are going to live in, contrary to investment properties or holiday rentals projects, there is an important emotional connection to be established.

Therefore, our purpose was to use the three elements we were given and make sure the apartment would be transformed and perfectly tailored to our client's desires.

Black and white is a striking and timeless combination that, just like the Yin and Yang, brings harmony and balance to the space. However, we wanted to use this iconic, monochromatic palette in a more revolutionary and contemporary way, infusing the space with a futuristic essence while maintaining its classical charm.

If at first this combination may seem creatively limiting, we soon discovered how it would actually allow us to create a fierce interior decoration, exploiting the use of textures and layers and indulging freely in mixing different materials and patterns without having to worry about the conventional 'perfect match'.

Black and white monochromatic interior design, open plan living room with kitchen, white sofa, round metal coffee table, modern-retro futuristic design project in Casilla de Costa, Villaverde, Fuerteventura.

Upon entering Casa Kenobi, you are teleported to a new galaxy where the decorative contrasts of black and white are suggestive and exude elegance, taking you to a peaceful and cosy dimension. The modern minimalist, open plan living-room features a white sofa with ton-sur-ton cushions, cotton blanket and a cowhide rug. To awaken a futuristic imagination within the space we introduced black circular-shaped lamps and a black round metal coffee table that celebrate the popular aesthetic of 70s retro-futurism.

Black and white modern kitchen design. Kitchen island with leather stools and black silestone quartz countertops. Custom-design for a kitchen in Casilla de Costa, Villaverde, Fuerteventura.

The white kitchen design ties together the importance of functional custom-made solutions that focus on both style and storage space. For this reason, we designed a multipurpose, comfortable island with extra cabinets on one side that also serves as a divider between the lounge and kitchen, keeping the space open and fluid. Black quartz for the countertops and black leather stools add depth, contrast and a touch of finesse while an ultra-modern pendant light illuminates the kitchen island with a strong sense of modernity.

Black and white monochromatic interior design inspired by Star Wars, retro-futurism, modern design. Black wall panel, design pendant lights, circular decorations, design furniture. Apartment decor in Casilla de Costa, Villaverde, Fuerteventura

To enhance the presence of geometric lines and accentuate a sense of three-dimensionality in the bedrooms, we protruded the headboards' walls and designed eye-catching accent walls with long rectangular nooks that create an impactful visual interest through decorative black and white panels. We opted for black microcement floors and modern, laser-like hanging pendants to evoke a powerful design identity and the magic of the Star Wars universe.

The black bedroom looks sophisticated and luxurious, emanating both a sense of mystery and a hint of nostalgia for the world of classicism that we referenced with the introduction of rounded decorative vases and a statement black lacquered dresser showcasing a white roman decorative motif. With its circular, retro-futuristic design, the white armchair in the corner perfectly fits the 70's style attitude of the room.

In the white bedroom there is a cleaner and more minimalistic feeling of modernity and futurism. The contrasting black nook becomes the focal point of the space and the perfect backdrop for the geometrical and captivating styling.

Black and white monochromatic bedroom design and decoration. Modern, futuristic design with white wall panel, built-in nook, minimalist styling. Interior design project in Casilla de Costa, Villaverde, Fuerteventura.

We believe that each carefully curated detail, furniture and design element of this project exemplifies the immense possibilities and value the guidance of an interior designer can bring to a property in Fuerteventura. Someone who can make the most out of a space, no matter its size, through a creative vision that is able to bring about a remarkable home design that reflects the client's unique spirit.

Thanks to a playful use of black and white, Casa Kenobi weaves together different combinations of hues, styles and patterns that transcends time, transporting you to a parallel universe where the interplay of classical elements and modern accents result in a design style where past and future delicately coexist.

To see all the photos of the project click here.


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