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New Project: The Japandi Chalet in La Capellanía, Fuerteventura.

Updated: Jun 28

We fully refurbished and designed a chalet in Pueblo Canario (Tamaragua), not far from bustling Corralejo. The vastness of the view over Malpaís' natural landscape, visible from every window, is in symbiosis with a living space that enhances the simplicity and natural materials typical of the Japandi interior design style. A minimalist yet warm and textured home décor that, also thanks to continuous microcement flooring, feels full of peace and purpose.

Comprehensive home renovation and design of a house with modern architecture, cactus garden, villa in Pueblo Canario, La Capellanía, Fuerteventura.

This two-storey chalet with a cactus garden in Pueblo Canario, a residential complex in La Capellanía (also known as Tamaragua) is graced with a breathtakingly unobstructed view over the volcanic, protected landscape of Malpaís, in the north of Fuerteventura.

Our clients had already undertaken the initial refurbishment when we first met them, but they soon realised they needed the assistance of an interior designer to truly complete the project with an interesting and functional design.

They asked us to create a space that would emanate tranquillity, security and peace of mind.

It was also important to respect the clients' wish to live in a place where the minimum amount possible of chemicals and toxic materials had been used during the renovation.

Understanding their vision and necessities helped us lay the foundation for a full home renovation that would completely transform the space into a peaceful and secluded oasis, just a few minutes away from busy Corralejo.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this project is its purpose and this is where the Japanese contamination shines through. When designing and decorating a house, eastern philosophies and traditions focus on the flow of energy and the specific purpose and reason of being of the owner , that will directly affect and give meaning to every element of the interior design.

Since the entrance symbolises the starting point of the energy flow of the house, we gave a new purpose to the courtyard, transforming it into a clean open area with a functional, wall-long, built-in storage unit. A courtyard that opens to the sky and to different doors that lead you to the experience of a home design built on finding joy, happiness and purpose in every day's life and routine.

Japandi-style living room with minimalist design and designer furniture, interior decoration with neutral colors, villa in Pueblo Canario, La Capellanía, Fuerteventura.

Dining room with a view, round wooden table, designer chairs, minimalist decoration, villa in Pueblo Canario, La Capellanía, Fuerteventura.

Curved shapes are always a great way to keep the design cohesive and to mimic nature. As our prerogative was to make a strong connection with the surrounding nature and landscapes, we designed an arc to completely open up the space, and the view, between the dining room and the living room.

Both living and dining space are a celebration of soft tones, natural materials, organic textiles and textured decorations. They feature a Mango wood round table with Teak wood and leather chairs, a comfortable sofa with soft edges and plenty of coffee tables that can also function as stools.

We used three main colours and balance the apparent coldness of white with earthy colours to make it all feel more grounded. Every addition of colour is ad hoc to maintain the serenity and positivity of the space.

The dining area is also connected with the Scandinavian style kitchen, elegantly separated by a sliding door and window, both custom made with a ribbed glass and Ash wood frame.

The white and wood combination feels modern and fresh, without losing its naturalistic element.

This new distribution of the ground floor provided an uninterrupted flow that starts from the entry courtyard and makes its way through all the rooms, forming a gallery-like space that serves as a transition between the indoor space and the garden.

The very large sliding windows in Sipo wood are also strengthening this connection, welcoming abundant natural light and gazing at the cactus garden and volcanic scenery.

To follow the minimalist approach, we used micro-cement (otherwise known as micro-concrete) to cover the whole floor and some surfaces like walls, bathrooms' sinks and bathtub. This material helped us create a strong sense of continuity and its presence accentuates the connection between indoor and outdoor.

From this neutrality we created contrasts using Ash wood for all the custom made furniture, built-in wardrobes, staircase and decorative elements.

Bathroom and bedroom renovation, minimalist design, natural materials, round shapes, Japandi decoration, villa in Pueblo Canario, La Capellanía, Fuerteventura.

The master bedroom with ensuite bathroom maintains the overall minimalist philosophy of the whole interior decoration and it includes natural fibers for textiles and headboard, and touches of gold.

The colour palette of the entire space is a constant evolution of different shades of beige and white. Nothing breaks the smooth and sleek balance of the interior design.

As we were designing the space in 3D, it was clear that the interior decoration had to promote the effortless flow of a minimalist house where the concept of "less-is-more" conveys simplicity and functionality. At the same time, we needed a home décor that would feel warm and full or personality. The Japandi style turned out to be the perfect inspiration as it represents the union between the simplicity and modernity of Scandinavian design and the elegant functionality of the Japanese aesthetic.

We carefully dosed and selected different decorative elements from both styles and, instead of forcing them into the space, we let them organically breathe according to what we needed to create: a conversation between indoor and outdoor, nature and natural materials.

Wooden desk and chair, home office, Scandinavian style, natural wood, custom designed bedroom, villa in Pueblo Canario, La Capellanía, Fuerteventura.

The eyes look for continuity and safety upon entering a space and this is the main reason why round shapes are predominant in this project.

But the feeling of well-being is also brought to us by neutral and warm tones, like in the case of this cosy home office/guest room on the ground floor.

Full bathroom renovation, modern design, natural decoration, black faucet, round mirror, villa in Pueblo Canario, La Capellanía, Fuerteventura.

Every aspect of the refurbishment had to be considered and executed with care because, even if we could not change the entire design of the house, we had to elevate it to a softer and positively charged dimension.

For the first floor we used slightly darker hues in the bathroom and guest room, where we also added a built-in desk.

Besides colours, another impacting element on our wellbeing is the lighting and, since natural light is the main protagonist of the house, we made sure to create a soft and warm lighting design also for the night time.

We were initially presented with a layout that did not fully promote fluidity, made of too many harsh edges and straight lines that made the space hard on the eyes. All these features laid the groundwork for our intervention because the idea was to design and decorate in such a way that fluidity and tranquillity were always at the top of the list.

A space where to find yourself.

Undisturbed and uninterruptedly.

Villa in Pueblo Canario, La Capellanía, Fuerteventura, minimalist interior design and decoration in Japandi style, full home renovation.

To see all the photos of the project click here.


PHOTOS BY: David Rodriguez y Noogar

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