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New Project: Casa MareTerra - a warm and grounding space in Tamaragua.

In this interior design project in Pueblo Canario (La Capellanía, Fuerteventura) we fully refurbished a villa and designed an inviting, contemporary living space that uses the language of earthy tones to convey a calming and peaceful interior décor. Casa MareTerra presents a nurturing, minimalist and functional home design that through desert tones, wood panelling, original abstract artworks, natural fabrics and custom designed furniture, reflects the island's landscapes. An utterly cosy and embracing space that is able to recharge and ground one's spirit.

Indoor Outdoor Open space design, natural materials, Villa in Pueblo Canario, La Capellanía, Fuerteventura

The main purpose of designing Casa MareTerra was to create a space that would feel mellow, seamless and functional as our clients, a lovely couple from Barcelona, intended to use the property both as a holiday home and also as an exclusive holiday rental for guests. When they first contacted us, they were intentioned to completely renovate their villa and therefore needed the guidance of an interior designer to make the most out of the available space, adding personality, charm and most importantly a unique, impactful style.

We approached the project from its early stages with the aim of making this house completely stand out from the rest of the houses in Pueblo Canario (a gated residential complex in La Capellanía, nearby Corralejo). We envisioned a more modern, open-plan design that would connect each room to the next one, so that the whole ground-floor could be explored with no interruptions, from indoor to outdoor, simply by walking in circle.

As the full home renovation was undergoing, we explored the idea of decorating the villa using a colour palette that would celebrate and embrace a variety of earthy tones, adding interesting contrasts with both bold and muted shades. As earthy colours have the intrinsic qualities of conveying warmth and a sense of connection to nature, we thought it was the perfect option to mirror and elevate the essentiality expressed by the architectural layout of the space. Warm ochres, browns mixed with wood, light beiges, intense oranges and terracotta tones are all present on walls, textiles, artworks, ceramics and decorations.

As the experience in Casa MareTerra is meant to be enveloping, grounding and most importantly disconnecting from the chaos of the outside world, authenticity had to be a strong ingredient of the project and for this reason, custom designed elements are present in each and every area of the property.

To let every colour, design piece and furniture stand out on its own, we used micro-cement on the entire indoor floors and polished concrete in the terrace. The muted, dulled-down shades of beige we picked for these materials helped us to create a balanced decorative continuum among the different rooms. We also applied a layer of golden shade micro-cement on the outdated, tiled kitchen splashback to make the kitchen décor look more intimate and contemporary.

Bedroom design, neutral colours, custom-made furniture, Villa in Pueblo Canario, La Capellanía, Fuerteventura

The front door opens on a small entrance hall where a white built-in shelving wall (decorated with all white decoration) serves as a neutral and restorative starting point. As you enter the living room, the sensation of amplitude and comfort is immediately felt thanks to the space opening to and connecting with the outdoor dining area. This seamless indoor-outdoor living space is designed to remind of a modern Mediterranean home where every colour and material can be found in nature, thus enhancing the connection to it.

The presence of a veined pinewood wall panel, an organic linen and cotton sofa, a floating desk and recycled teakwood coffee tables make the room feel warm, enticing and timeless. In order to keep the space as open as possible and add that distinguishing layer of authenticity and uniqueness, we designed the round dining table and custom-made the abstract art painting.

Living Space with design furniture, warm minimalism, Villa in Pueblo Canario, La Capellanía, Fuerteventura

We also added to the ground-floor a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, a completely open space, so to ensure a sense of belonging in a secure and calming environment.

Here we are welcomed by neutral hues, from warm beiges to whites and greys. The space emanates a laidback, relaxing spa-like vibe. As there was no direct natural light entering the bathroom area, we added a skylight on top on the shower that serves both as a dramatic design element and a practical light and ventilation system.

The bedroom feels as relaxing as the bathroom and features a lush ficus plant, a custom-made Japanese-style wooden bed and a beige leatherette headboard, also custom-made. We installed a sliding glass door that can be fully opened to create the indoor/outdoor connection we all love.

Natural bedroom decoration, neutral colours, indoor plants, villa in Pueblo Canario, La Capellanía, Fuerteventura

The terrace style is minimalist and entirely custom designed, uniting elements from both Scandinavian and Nordic décor like light-coloured wooden sunbeds, natural fibres and a neutral colour scheme. Despite its minimalistic look, the whole outdoor space feels full of character thanks to the modern lines of the built-in benches, the modern rustic dining area and the presence of beautiful cacti.

Moving upstairs, the mood organically changes and it becomes more playful and cosmopolitan. The colour palette of the guest bedrooms is more vibrant, bold and daring, without losing its cosy purpose.

We used a boreal orange colour to paint the decorative panelling in the bigger room, designed for the lovers of richer tones.

Modern bedroom design, earthy tones, Villa in Pueblo Canario, La Capellanía, Fuerteventura

On the other hand, the all-ochre-bedroom is overwhelmingly pleasant as the richness of this colour contaminates every piece of the room and is intensified by the wooden panel. A totally conceptual bedroom design, as if the space was a canvas where the white brushstroke of a painter gives the room a modern connotation.

Casa MareTerra is a space that values simplicity and an uncomplicated aesthetic while also emphasising the need for strong design features and experimentation.

In Catalan, the word 'mare' means 'mother' and 'terra' means 'earth', therefore this project wants to be a tribute to Mother Earth, combining the desert landscape of Fuerteventura with the interior design of the space. A balance that merges moments of explosive boldness and rich colours with subtle changes and comforting shapes.

Open plan living space, dining room, design chairs and table, original artwork, Villa in Pueblo Canario, La Capellanía, Fuerteventura

To see all the photos of the project click here.


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