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New Project: Slow-Living - Interior Design and Décor project for a holiday apartment in Corralejo.

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

The slow living philosophy of going back to a simple and mindful approach to life begins at home and for this reason, our interior designer decided to explore slow design on his latest interior design project in Fuerteventura. A charming apartment where guests are welcomed into a balanced and meaningful space, decorated with natural materials to help them find a new, slower living pace.

Our lovely Italian client contacted our studio as soon as she decided to buy an apartment in Las Fuentes, Corralejo, with the idea to rent it as a holiday home. She needed professional interior design services to refurbish, decorate and completely change the style of the property to make it cosy and appealing to people searching for a holiday rental in Fuerteventura. As an investment property, she wanted the project to be completed as soon as possible, in order to start advertising and marketing it so we immediately began looking for inspiration to design a new home that would feel unique and special.

Taking time talking to a client goes beyond discovering their taste and specific necessities. In fact, during one of our initial meetings, an extremely important time where ideas are exchanged, inspirational pictures are shown and moodboards are drafted, we spontaneously began taking the road towards slow living. We wanted to design a space that would invite its guests to completely disconnect during their stay and find their own personal rhythm again.

An interior design inspired by slow living and its emphasis on resting and recharging, to truly connect to the moment, seemed like the perfect starting point to experience a holiday in Fuerteventura in a different way.

It is believed that the slow life movement originated in Rome back in 1986 as a form of protest against the opening of a McDonald's restaurant in Piazza di Spagna. We loved the idea that as people were fighting the arrival of fast food, they later on began fighting the stressful and fast way of living and consuming life. For this reason slow life is about slowing down our robotic daily routines to discover what brings us real pleasure and happiness. In this practice, our home interiors become significantly important so we were excited to apply these concepts in a design project and decided to create an harmonious and balanced space where people could relax and be themselves.

Decorating a small apartment can be a challenge and since we could not make any significant architectural or structural change to this two bedrooms apartment, the slow design helped us to both make the space bigger and add a strong personality to the interior décor. While we were designing the space in 3D, we realized we had to make the most out of every square meter and use decorations and furniture carefully. Instead of being a problem this decision became our mission and vision. After all, the slow approach to living and home decorating is not about how little we can live with but it’s about working out what we simply can’t live without.

A slow home does not follow style, it is the expression and extension of our personality, values and lifestyle. In this context, the home must be decorated with thoughtfulness to elevate it from a mere space we inhabit to a purposeful and tangible home space where we can experience life's daily precious moments. This mean furnishing each room according to the purpose and emotion you want to convey rather than style. For this reason, the apartment does not have a TV, digital objects or unnecessary furniture. We wanted to facilitate guests experiencing the slow-living philosophy of being present in the moment, spending quality time and understanding happiness as a journey.

We designed a simple and functional kitchen to respect the slow attitude of enjoying the process and taking the time to appreciate the pleasures of life, starting with the morning coffee. It is also possible to have breakfast at the wooden, custom designed kitchen island with a high stool. This could also be used as a workstation for a digital nomad or someone working remotely in Fuerteventura. The apartment is flooded with natural light, another essential element that convinced us even more to design and decorate a slow living home. When it comes to mental wellbeing, natural light deeply affect our mood hence the importance of well lighted interiors, a must if you want to join the slow movement.

When you start walking away from digital, human connections become a priority. The living room was designed keeping this concept in mind and to promote conversations, intimacy and savour time and piece of mind. We furnished the space with a super comfortable beige sofa, a natural wood bench and a rattan armchair to create the perfect reading corner. All these natural materials add an immediate touch of authenticity to the space, a living room that allows for multiple seating and promotes an organic interaction among people, face to face.

In the bedrooms, we began introducing a bohemian flavour to contaminate the typically neutral colour palette of the slow life aesthetic. It was a natural addition since the purpose of the apartment was to focus on the impermanence of both material things and time. Boho décor evokes the feelings and experiences of nomadic travellers and just like the guests of this Corralejo apartment, their amount of time is limited and therefore must be fully enjoyed.

Using white as a base tone made it easy to introduce earthy tones in the bedrooms styling, like the earthy-peachy-colour we personally created to paint one of the walls. The rest of the colour palette explores different tones of beige and white. When nothing is permanent, nature becomes a constant, therefore, also the bedrooms décor reflects this element through wall art, wall lights, side tables, stools, headboards and textiles all made of natural materials to celebrate a sustainable home living. Even the designer lamps find their space in the interior decoration thanks to their rattan lampshade.

It was important for us to include handmade pieces and craftsmanship to decorate this apartment because a slow home expresses the search for authenticity and this is combined with sustainable consumption choices, such as zero-kilometre products and natural or recycled materials, like the living room's wooden wall art panels that we specifically designed for the project.

Our client could not believe how her small apartment became a beautiful and peaceful slow living holiday home. There is nothing superfluous in the design and for this reason the living space becomes more spacious and flowing from the open custom designed kitchen to the wooden round dining table and chillout area. The whole house reveals a potential that was not apparent at first and the space morphs, and can be adapted, to accommodate different types of guests.

A slow home conveys simplicity, relaxation and harmony. When you prioritize feelings and experiences as much as you do with style, the result is a home that is more than functional, it make your life easier and better.

Are you looking for professional interior design services to design, decorate or renovate your holiday home in Fuerteventura?

Adding value to your property and creating a nicely decorated apartment means receiving better reviews and more bookings. Guests enjoy spending their holiday in a designer home where they can experience something special and different.

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