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New Project: Rustic Industrial Apartment in Mirador de las Dunas, Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

Warm colours, black metal details and wooden furniture are the main elements of this apartment that we recently furnished in Corralejo. As our client didn't want to go through a full home renovation, he decided to use Noogar's Furnishing Service. The result is a rustic-industrial inspired interior décor, full of character, plants and artworks.

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When a lovely German client contacted us regarding his apartment in Mirador de las Dunas, Corralejo, we were happy to find out that he planned on retiring and relocating to Fuerteventura because it meant we had to furnish and decorate the space in such a way that would make him feel at home.

Since we could neither change the layout not undertake a full home renovation, the only way to add value, style and personality to the space was to choose the right furniture and decorations.

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While he was buying his property Fuerteventura, the client soon realised how difficult it would have been for him to furnish a home abroad on his own. On one hand, the furniture and home décor shops on the island didn't really give him many options in terms of style. On the other hand, he also realised that furnishing was not just about buying furniture. He needed the assistance of a professional interior decorator who would study the space and decide the best interior design style for the apartment according to his specific needs.

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We prepared a furniture pack that also included a moodboard so that the client knew exactly the style we were going to create and how much he was going to spend on every piece of furniture (sofa, coffee table, armchair, desk, sideboards, lamps and more).

Communicating with him while he was back in Germany felt easy, immediate and enjoyable. We had online meetings on Zoom, exchanged emails and always kept in touch on WhatsApp. The first time we actually met him in person was on the day he moved to Fuerteventura. It was nice to feel his excitement as we welcomed him at the property and gave him the first tour of his newly furnished and decorated apartment.

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This project went beyond the standard furnishing service we offer as the client also wanted someone who could be in charge of the whole decorating and styling process so that everything would be ready for him to move in and he wouldn't need to worry and deal with anything.

Therefore, he gave us access to the apartment through his real estate agency in Corralejo so that we could be in charge of all the little things involved in preparing a house: furniture deliveries and assembly, decorating and styling the different rooms, buying appliances, plants, bedding, dishware, cushions, textiles and also arranging professional cleaning.

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It felt quite natural to use elements from both the rural and urban design worlds while furnishing and choosing the materials and colour palette to use in the apartment. The space emanated a certain kind of warmth thanks to the floor tiles but, at the same time, it felt modern, open and also featured a metal staircase leading to the roof terrace.

We decided to use distinguishing industrial style materials like wood, iron and leather to perfectly blend in with the modern yet warm rusticity of the house.

Apartment in Mirador de las Dunas, Corralejo, Fuerteventura with furniture and home decorations in industrial style

© Noogar

When you buy a house in Fuerteventura and you need professional interior design services to furnish it, we can offer you the experience and assistance of an interior decorator who will take care of the whole design, renovating and decorating process.

Do you need new furniture to change the style of your apartment or improve the style of your holiday villa before you rent it or sell it? Noogar can offer you a Furnishing Service that includes quality, design furniture in different styles: modern, Nordic, Scandinavian, Wabi Sabi, minimalist, contemporary, industrial, bohemian, neutral and more.

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