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New Project: a full Home Renovation and a modern Interior Design for an apartment in Corralejo.

This week I take you behind the scenes of our latest interior design project. A new home in Fuerteventura designed and decorated by Noogar.

Todas las imágenes por Noogar / All Images by Noogar

I have recently finished an interior design project and, with this blog post, I want to show you what really goes on behind the scenes of a home renovating process.  It all began when I met with the clients for a coffee in Villaverde; they had just bought an apartment in Corralejo to make a home for their family and decided to contact me to help them with the renovation process, from designing the space to decorating it.  They had a quite limited budget and the necessity of a functional yet stylish house. As it often happens, the couple had very different ideas in mind when talking about style and home décor. I soon understood that what they needed was a very personal style that would combine their ideas and make them both happy.  I started from designing the kitchen, making sure it had everything they always wanted. I have opted for a custom made kitchen island that works as the point of connection between the kitchen itself and the dinning area. As I usually do, after visiting the location and taking measurements, I began to work on a 3D rendering to get an idea of what I could do with the space.  I quickly realised that there was a great potential and that some areas could have been drastically enlarged. Working on a simple 3D rendering is a cost effective but still very useful tool to show my clients the different possibilities we have.

I always love new challenging projects but I also know that a complete home renovation can be difficult on my clients. Yes, renovations are messy, noisy and dusty but a professional can take care of everything so that the journey won't be as stressful for you and make sure that deadlines are met. 

Moreover, it's essential to have someone that knows how to use your budget, assuring a good balance between quality and style.

When the reviewing of the 3D project has ended, we usually move onto selecting furniture, decorations and colour palettes. Everything has to fall into place, according to budget and the clients' taste. 

Living in Fuerteventura means that deliveries can take much longer, so time management is key.

Antes/ Después - Before/After

Unless the clients ask me explicitly to do so, I personally cannot renounce on colours. In this case I decided on two main colours, teal and pastel apricot, to add character to the whole living space. These colours have not only been painted on some walls, but they've also extended to decorations and tiles. 

When you enter this apartment you are also welcomed by the two main colours and it feels like stepping into a very modern and stylish home with some 70's retro influences and a touch of bohemian aesthetic.

For the master bedroom I introduced a little touch of maritime style and kept the rest white and simple. The coloured glass lamps on the bedside tables though are a statement piece that makes the bedroom stand out.  

The microcement floor is another big protagonist in the space and its grey colour has also been picked up in different areas of the house, to keep a cohesive vibe throughout the whole home interior. 

Additionally, there are two others elements that effectively inhabit this lovely home: metal and glass. They both tell the story of this home design through a mixture of rectangular and round shapes, creating beautiful contrasts.

3D Render

Going shopping for a client is always fun for me and my "to do" and "to buy" list is always with me. 

It is not always possible to find everything you need in Fuerteventura but, thanks to my list of suppliers, I managed to order everything we needed and in the style we wanted, without limitations. If you ask me, you always need two things to really bring your home to life: art and a touch of nature. This is why I sometimes reach out to local artists to buy unique artworks and I also buy all the plants directly sourced on the island. 

When the home renovation was over and I was happy with it, I finally started styling and decorating the apartment. The styling day is always the most rewarding part of an interior design project. From big to small details and with the help of a bit of home staging , the purpose for me is to tell a story and bring my vision to life in a place that finally becomes home for my clients. Everything is placed carefully from decorations and cushions to books and artworks (and the curtains are also ironed, I can't help it). 

I loved seeing this interior design project completed after weeks of planning, shopping and meetings. Moreover, nothing can make me happier than making my clients proud to live in a special and unique place that is only theirs.

Do you need to renovate or decorate your home? Make it #NoogarContact Us to discover all the interior design services we can offer you.

Make it Home. Make it Noogar.


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