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New Project: A Nordic and Natural interior design and decoration for a villa in Villaverde.

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

In our new interior design project in Casilla De Costa, Villaverde, we used a minimalist approach, typical of the nordic and Scandinavian home interiors, to decorate the space in a modern and elegant way. Our interior designer followed the rules of simplicity and functionality without renouncing to style and personality. Natural wood, a natural colour palette and handmade crafts add warmth to this villa where indoor/outdoor living becomes a relaxing experience.

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A new project is always a new and exciting challenge for our interior design studio in Fuerteventura and an opportunity to find and create the best home interior style for the client. We all have different priorities when it comes to decorating a property: style, design, functionality or comfort. This time our clients wanted it all and for this reason, we decided to approach the project in a minimalist yet functional and stylish way.

They contacted our studio as soon as they decided to buy their villa with swimming pool in Casilla de Costa, a modern residential complex in Villaverde. Since they were living in Barcelona and planning to move to Fuerteventura permanently during the spring season, they already had many things to plan and deal with. Renovating and decorating a new property from abroad was not an option so we were happy to take the stress off their shoulders.

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We started the process with some online meetings to exactly understand what the clients needed. It was important to create a place to call home and at the same time a place they could keep on working from. It was clear from the beginning that they both needed their own private spaces and therefore decided to transform two of the three bedrooms into home offices.

Another important thing to consider was their lifestyle because when you love to work out and surf, having that extra storage for your fitness equipment and surfboards is always a plus. Studying both space and budget during this stage helps us to use them in the best possible way and decide on the interior design style, custom-made furniture to order and what to prioritise in terms of renovation and decoration.

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The design process began with a 3D space planning that we reviewed periodically with the clients. We wanted to create an interior décor that would feel elegant, stylish and yet effortlessly executed. A modern living space that would suit and reflect the personality of a young couple. For this reason the home design conveys the simplicity of the Nordic interior design style, focusing on a neutral colour palette made of shades of white and beige. To add a natural touch and warmth we used natural wood that reminds of the Scandinavian home décor.

We designed the kitchen and kitchen island, the wooden shelves and the garden area making sure it included as many plants as possible and also a custom-made outdoor launderette to do the laundry and store the surfing equipment. For the master bedroom we designed two built-in bedside tables and for the swimming pool area we added extra seating, cushions and a shower for a fully comfortable outdoor design.

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As the construction and decorating works began, we planned the furniture deliveries to make sure they would arrive just after the messy and dusty renovation was completed. We mainly chose modern white furniture to perfectly match with the natural wood kitchen and the beige tones of the house. For the interior lighting, both warm and cold illumination are available for the clients to choose from. There are so many little details, practical and visual, that would be impossible to consider and manage from abroad. Being able to take care of each project from start to finish really makes the difference because nothing is overlooked.

We make sure the property is spotless and clean at the end of the process, we check on the progresses of the renovation, we handle the budget and review quotations, we take care of curtains, beddings and everything you can think of. All of this because we believe in the importance of a beautiful living space and we want to welcome our clients into a special, unique and ready-to-live-in home.

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We tried to think "neutral" for the interior decoration, fusing a modern home décor together with the Scandinavian design and using a blend of textures, soft hues, white and natural wood to create a sleek, modern space that feels warm and inviting. The white sofa and the wooden wall feature we designed for the living room and bedroom walls emphasize clean lines, comfort and simple furnishings. The cosiness of a truly scandi home that acquires a completely new dimension in sunny Fuerteventura thanks to outdoor spaces on both sides of the living room. In this way, the indoor/outdoor living experience feels uniquely peaceful, uninterrupted and most of all natural.

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It was important for us that the many details and distinctive features of the villa would not disturb the simplicity of the design. The open plan kitchen and living room space immediately made our clients feel welcomed into their new home in Fuerteventura. The handmade round original artwork and kitchen lamps compliment the harmony and softness of the interior design. A modern home where nature, simplicity and elegance create a comfortable and functional home living philosophy. A place to relax, work and most of all have fun.

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Our interior design studio can plan and take care of the design, decoration, furnishing and renovation of your home in Fuerteventura. Whether you live here or not, you won't need to worry and stress because Noogar is more than a personal interior designer, it is a one stop place to find professional and complete home design and decorating services.

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