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New Project: The Moss - an extravagant and stylish villa in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

An eclectic and whimsical interior design project in the heart of Corralejo that celebrates bold colours, artisanal decorations, wallpapers, original art and designer furnishings. 'The Moss' is a playful and energetic living space full of abstract forms and unusual shapes. It embraces the airiness and functionality of a modern, open-plan house while indulging in a colourful and extravagant retro revival aesthetic. A project that seeks comfort and authenticity through an avant-garde approach.

Luxury design, modern living room with a moss green modular sofa, modern-retro style villa in Corralejo, near the beach, Fuerteventura.

This three-storey villa in Corralejo is located on a quiet residential street, just nearby the El Campanario shopping centre. Our clients (a lovely couple from Germany) were looking for the perfect property in Fuerteventura, a space that looked and felt open, airy, abundant with natural light and that could offer a multifunctional and practical way of living through an open plan kitchen and living room. A comfortable modern villa where to stay during their visits to the island, a custom designed space where to possibly retire in the future and, at the same time, furnished and decorated in such an original way that would make it attractive to holiday goers in the Canary Islands.

Once they found the right property, they both agreed they needed an interior designer to truly add style and functionality to the space, someone who could offer them a vision in terms of design options, materials to use and colours to decorate with. On top of it, they realised they needed someone local who could speak Spanish and manage the renovation works on a daily basis.

Without changing the original layout of the villa, we decided to focus on design and on creating an unconventional, quirky home interior. In doing so, we managed the assigned budget accordingly, enhancing the potential of the space by focusing on design furniture, built-in features

and accentuating the already present architectural choices through contrasting materials and eccentric home decorations.

A complete revamp was needed, so we started with the home renovation. To truly give a fresh look to the house, we first had to consider and take care of a few important details, such as damp infiltrations, fixing uneven walls, painting everything and changing some of the electrical installation plans.

Open plan design living space and custom-designed dining room, wallpaper, colourful decoration, villa in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

It was clear from the very beginning that the living room had to be the main focus of the project, the space that would set the tone and be a pleasant and joyful gathering point for its guests. We introduced an unexpected retro flair into what was an entirely modern home design, to create a colourfully luscious and vibrant space that would immediately take you back to another era.

Through a different array of eclectic combinations of styles, contrasting colours and statement decorative pieces, we wanted the interior decoration to feel like an effortless blend between the old-fashioned vintage glamour and present-day abstract modernism. A combination that subtly nods to the vision of artist César Manrique and the 60's aesthetic of his Foundation and private home in Lanzarote: a warm and cosy living space, full of art, conceived to welcome and entertain guests and to display handmade decorations, custom designed furniture and interesting contrasts between dark wood and whites, bold and subdued colours.

Since full-bodied hues of colour are at the basis of modern retro design, we opted for a curved moss green sofa that feels original and sophisticated. It was our starting point in terms of both furnishing and designing; the piece of furniture that inspired and unlocked the entire process of creating a vibrant and joyful home décor.

As soon as you enter 'The Moss' you are pleasantly overwhelmed by colours and textures: velvet saffron yellow and tangerine orange cushions, an abstract wallpaper in rich earthy tones, wooden side tables with marble tops and ceramic decorations that both contrast and ground the whole interior décor. The velvet acid yellow armchair and the original, Noogar-made painting floating over the sofa perfectly convey the intention of designing an impactful living room that feels like a pop-art creation.

We also specifically designed some wooden furniture for the clients, such as the coat rack with a bench that also serves as a shoe rack and the TV floating console. The richness of the red pinewood perfectly contrasts with the whiteness of the kitchen and the built-in dining nook. At the same time, it introduces a connection to nature and its resources when it comes to craftmanship and furniture design, reminding us of a time when furniture wasn't mass-produced but actually made with ethic and care.

Modern white kitchen design, wooden and ceramic decorations, kitchen island renovation, natural light, villa in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

To beautify and to make the kitchen more functional, we added extra storage space and swapped the old and delicate countertop with a new Compac stone.

We also removed the outdated tiled wall visible from the kitchen and gave it a newer and edgier look using Microcement.

The kitchen design is simple and essential, striking the perfect balance between the functionality of a modern kitchen and the constant search for a retro reference. A balance that is also visible in the dining area: the unapologetic mix of wood, rattan, velvet, ceramic and the geometrical decorative niches feel like a modern interpretation of a bohemian French eatery.

Custom-designed dining nook with bench, wooden table and chairs, modern-retro interior design and furniture, villa in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

A more muted colour palette is present downstairs where we find the master bedroom and one of the two guest bedrooms. It was important to create an evident juxtaposition also between these three different rooms and we achieved it by focusing on contrasting intense tones of teal, brown and ochre on wallpapers, paint and textiles. Everything contrasted by extremely modern shapes on lamps and armchairs. Three different personalities threaded together by comfort and the same surprise factor that is present upstairs.

The bedrooms decoration longs for calmness and comfort through natural fibres, wooden bedside tables and organic linen and cotton beddings.

As the villa counts with four different outdoor spaces, we alternated modern outdoor furniture with more neutral and playful elements. There is a hanging wicker chair in the entrance porch that contrasts with green polypropylene chairs and a contemporary metal French-café-style table with marble top. The main terrace can accommodate numerous guests thanks to a corner sofa and a large table with chairs.

We applied a more intimate yet colourful outdoor living philosophy in the upstairs' terraces. There is a comfortable and upholstered, yellow hanging chillout bed and also, on the top floor terrace, there are custom-made blue sunbeds to comfortably enjoy Fuerteventura's weather and the views over Corralejo and Lobos, while an elegant, vintage-style parasol provides shelter from the sunlight.

Bedroom design with wallpaper, headboard made of natural materials, linen beddings, modern furniture and decorations, villa in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

'The Moss' exhibits a way of living that longs for the charming nostalgia of the past and tries to reinvent it with an intriguing furnishing and an interior styling that displays mementos, emphasises abstract art and mesmerises with its bold personality.

It is a timeless space that once entered, it wants to be discovered and lived with wonderment as it unexpectedly takes you back and forth in time at every turn.

To see all the photos of the project click here.


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