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New Project: Vulkan House - A modern and minimalist apartment in Lajares.

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

White and wood are the main elements of our new interior design project in Lajares; a charming apartment in the heart of the most popular village in Fuerteventura among surfers and yogis. With stunning views over the Calderón Hondo volcano, we designed a soothing and cosy space full of natural decorations, crafts and a minimalist colour palette that reminds of a Mediterranean style surf retreat. Vulkan House is a modern and functional apartment where every furniture have the purpose to connect to the surrounding nature and its peaceful stillness.

Mediterranean style built-in wardrobe, modern apartment in Lajares, Fuerteventura

When the client contacted us, he had already finished the main construction works on his one bedroom apartment overlooking Lajares and its famous landmark volcano, the Calderón Hondo. He was starting to look into different design and furniture options and intended to use the space as a guest house, therefore it had to be comfortable and emanate a chilled, relaxing vibe.

We were presented with a blank canvas that featured black window frames, wooden doors and polished cement floors. In order to add style and personality to the apartment, the client decided to contact an interior designer to finish the project with a clear and exciting vision.

The purpose of our intervention was to design and furnish a functional, modern apartment that would remind its guests of a secluded, faraway surf retreat.

Even though it's not on the sea, surfers love to stay in this quiet village in in the north of Fuerteventura because of its proximity to the beaches of El Cotillo, Tindaya and Corralejo. A surf mecca full of surf schools, yoga and mindfulness retreats, shops, cafés and iconic spots such as La Canela café and La Paneteca bakery. Throughout the years, Lajares became a cosmopolitan and up-and-coming community of like-minded people who love surfing, nature, healthy vegan food, meditation, holistic treatments and most of all, a slow approach to life.

It felt natural to make a connection between the indoor space and the extraordinary nature, mountains, desert and landscapes present outdoor through natural home décor and a minimalist design.

Mixing the colour white with wood helped us to find a balance between what looks like a modern apartment and feels like a warm and cosy space.

For the kitchen, we applied this philosophy through a minimalist, Scandinavian style approach and designed a built-in kitchen that promotes straight lines, order and organisation. A beautiful slab of Silestone quartz completes the kitchen countertop; a natural, durable and nonporous stone that elevates the open-plan living space in an elegant and unpretentious way.

Mediterranean style kitchen design and interior design in Lajares, Fuerteventura

In the bedroom, we designed a built-in wardrobe that features open niches and wooden doors. It feels functional while adding a pleasant modern farmhouse vibe to the bedroom décor.

The interior decoration allowed us to create another layer that is both essential and beloved in the surf aesthetic: the Mediterranean colour palette. It is an element that is present in most surf houses around the world, one that manages to convey a sense of security and belonging through neutral colours, natural fibres, ceramics and local craftsmanship.

It is not surprising to see how popular the Lajares Artisan Market is among locals and tourists alike thanks to its display of original art, handmade crafts, ceramics, jewellery and traditional items.

To respect these influences, we kept the available space in the apartment as open and natural as possible, introducing a linen and cotton sofa-bed in the living room, a rattan headboard and wooden nightstands in the bedroom, and linen curtains and cushions throughout the house.

The overall feeling of the space is raw, charismatic and welcoming, thanks to the colour palette and the different textures added by the presence of artworks and ceramics in both rooms.

We placed the dining area on the terrace and had a pergola installed for guests to shelter from the sun. Of course the all-year-round beautiful weather in Fuerteventura made it easy for us to opt for this solution and design a comfortable, indoor-outdoor living experience.

The teak wood table is the perfect piece of outdoor furniture thanks to its durability and beauty and it can also be used as a desk by digital nomads who work remotely from Fuerteventura.

The addition of a chill-out area and a swinging chair, allows the guests to comfortably enjoy the views over the surrounding volcanoes.

Outdoor terrace decoration, furniture made of natural materials, holiday apartment in Lajares, Fuerteventura

Vulkan House is a place to disconnect, cleanse and recharge energies. An apartment that finds its identity within a majestic landscape in an undisturbed and modern way. A peaceful cocoon that belongs to the quiet yet vibrant community of Lajares.

To see all the photos of the project click here.


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