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New Project: Designing an Industrial Chic/Modern Bohemian villa in Fuerteventura.

We designed and decorated a modern chalet with garden and swimming pool in the Casilla De Costa residential complex, in Villaverde. Discover how we planned the improvements, the furnishing and the decoration to create indoor and outdoor living spaces that feel elegant, comfortable and full of personality.

Every time we complete an interior design project it is always exciting to share with you the whole creative process because each one of them is unique, being every new client a different world from the previous one. The main goal of our interior design studio in Fuerteventura is always to create a beautiful and functional interior that reflects our clients' personality.

On this occasion, a lovely Italian couple contacted us to design and decorate their villa in Casilla de Costa, a stunningly modern and private development in Villaverde, with fantastic views of the surrounding mountains, the sea and also the nearby islands of Lanzarote and Lobos.

The clients were not based on the island, so the majority of our meetings have happened online.

They bought the property to have a place where to unwind when escaping the chaos of the Italian city where they live and work, so it was key that it felt like home.

When visiting the island, they realised the difficulties they could face with managing construction works from afar and also at finding the pieces of furniture and decor that would satisfy their needs... and that's why they got in touch with a professional interior designer.

We took charge of the entire designing, managing and decorating process, so that they wouldn't need to worry about anything and still be able to move in as soon as possible.

Thanks to our affordable 3D space planning service, the clients were able to start this journey feeling fully involved into the designing process and, therefore, with peace of mind.

It's extremely important for us to understand the needs and expectations of our clients, so that we can get the best out of their budget.

During the designing phase, we made sure that all the elements already present in the house were respected and carried out throughout the property. Something we kept in mind especially when designing the custom made kitchen and the outdoor spaces.

We wanted the kitchen to feel open and spacious, despite the little space available. However, thanks to a clever usage of functional design, some floating shelves and a monochromatic palette, we managed to deliver the experience our clients were looking for.

The swimming pool area has been specifically designed to accommodate as many guests as possible, with long white benches and cozy cushions.

We worked on a particularly tight schedule, as the clients needed to have a fully functional home within two months and, with August approaching, the challenge was real.

All decisions were run by them and they were constantly informed of the progresses made. Timing and organisation are everything.

While managing the construction and decorating works to make sure deadlines were met, we coordinated the arrival of furniture and decorations.

The villa features 3 bedrooms, one on the ground floor, with direct access to the garden, and two on the top floor, with beautiful sea views and access to a solarium.

Here we definitely played more with colours and textiles, to create some cheerful but still elegant rooms.

The greatest joy was to welcome our clients into their new home in Fuerteventura, after only two months, and seeing how excited and amazed they were.

A completely empty property, with the right planning and assistance, can really become your unique home, where to live special moments with family and friends.

We had a less-is-more approach with this modern villa, that still does not renounce on subtle details, handmade furniture, quirky decorations and eccentric touches, to create a peaceful yet vibrant home design.

Overall, we created a combination of industrial chic and modern bohemian style, thanks to the balance between the natural and the black metal elements.

A home that feels modern and luxurious but with a creative, warm soul.

Designing or renovating your home in Fuerteventura does not need to be a stressful journey. Our interior design studio can plan and take care of everything so that you do not need to worry about a thing, except being pleasantly surprised.

Contact Us for a free consultation.

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