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New Project: From 3D to Reality - A Boho Chic Style home renovation, design and decoration.

Today we want to share with you a little bit of our creative process and how we can start from a 3D project and then make it reality.

The very first meeting with a client is always the most exciting thing about starting a new interior design project. This is the time when we get to know what the client really wants and needs. Oftentimes, we mutually decide to start with a 3D rendering in order to show the client how their vision can come to life before we actually begin to decorate and restyle the property.

On this project in Fuerteventura, the clients wanted for their home a Bohemian style mixed with some industrial and modern influences. Too much colour was just "too much" and too much white and wood was just "plain boring".

Thanks to the 3D rendering we presented, our clients were happy to see their new home-style taking life and to be able to make adjustments along the way. When they could not meet us, it has been easy and productive to use Skype to be able to discuss together a new idea looking at the 3D project live on screen.

This project required many custom-made pieces of furniture and the 3D rendering was a helpful tool to use in order for us to give our client the best possible home styling solution, keep the budget in check and prioritise on the most important pieces to have.

Once we agreed on the overall style, we revised it and began to include the final pieces of furniture we had in mind.

The custom made sofa brought a quite fun and boho vibe to the whole ambience, while the floating shelves and the wooden table are touches of both the industrial and modern vibe the clients were looking for.

It can be easy and fun to see your home in 3D and we can do the rest of the magic for you.

Contact us to find out more about all the services we can offer you!

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