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Before and After of our interior design project in Puerto del Rosario.

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Before and After Video of a recent interior design and decorating project in Fuerteventura.

Getting out of your comfort zone and trusting someone else to take control of your house is never easy, especially if you are an owner for the first time, like our clients on this project. This lovely young couple living in Puerto Del Rosario had many ideas in mind but didn't know where to start from.

We were really excited to take on this project because we knew this wouldn't be a holiday home or a property to rent but a permanent residence for our clients.

As interior designers we know from experience that working with a couple can sometimes be challenging. In this case, for example, they had different ideas in terms of home decoration and furniture. Their vision was in between a bohemian style and a more modern vibe, so we jumped into this challenge to bring our unique vision and make them both satisfied.

First of all, we presented a colour palette and a 3D space planning, where we included furniture and decorations disposition, to make sure they were happy to proceed.

It was all about planning and perfect timing as the owners were already living at the property but we kept our promise and managed to complete the project within a weekend.

The clients are thrilled with the results and we are once again grateful for the opportunity to do what we love doing!

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