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Things to consider when you buy a house in Fuerteventura according to an interior designer.

Real estate agents believe that location is everything when you buy a house. On the other hand, considering its orientation, architectural details, layout and materials can help you make the renovation process easier. Buying a house in Fuerteventura is an exciting adventure but when it comes to designing and decorating it, things get challenging. Discover all the tips recommended by interior designers to ensure you find the perfect property, the one that would allow you to create the perfect space in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

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One of the best thing about buying a house in Fuerteventura is that your lifestyle will improve thanks to the great climate and longer hours of daylight. For this reason, the orientation of the house you buy is essential because you want to take advantage of natural light as much as possible. Nothing compares to having natural light shine into your living room. Consider buying a house with big windows and a good orientation, otherwise make sure you can add windows or skylights during the renovation.


Everything is possible... with the right budget. Buying a property with a mainly squared floorplan will help your interior designer during the design process of your new home because it will be easier to be creative with the space, remove walls, connect different rooms and contain the costs of the renovation. How do you envision your home? It is important to answer this question before you buy a property.


Depending on the location (Corralejo, Lajares, Villaverde, Caleta De Fueste, Tindaya, El Cotillo...), your house may experience different levels of humidity and kinds of weather conditions. The climate of an island is an important factor to consider when you are property-hunting because you want to make sure the house can withstand the heat, the dryness and also the night coolness typical of an island. These are all factors that will affect your lifestyle and also the amount of maintenance that is required throughout the year.

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It is not easy to understand if a house has a good structure and if quality materials have been used to build it, therefore ask as many questions as possible before you make up your mind to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Look for a house with solid foundations and a good structure that can be renovated and designed to suit your needs. A successful interior design project that passes the test of time is one where attention to details and materials has been paid.


People who buy a house on an island always dream of having an ocean view or direct access to the beach. Buying a property with stunning views is not always easy but if you manage to find a property with a terrace or garden, the value and rentability of your property will improve while you take advantage of pleasant and endless sunny days from your sunbed.


From an interior designer's point of view, it doesn't matter if you buy a villa in Lajares or an apartment in Corralejo, it is always possible to create a unique design space with the perfect furniture and decorations. However, if you decide to buy a big house, it will require more maintenance and someone who can manage your property while you are not here.

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When buying a house on an island, think carefully about how much you are willing to spend on the renovation. Repainting the walls, renovating the bathrooms and the floors, designing the patio with a swimming pool, the lighting, structural and architectural changes... the list could go on and on but it all depends on you, your budget and the expectations you have in terms of design and furnishing.


Having a professional who lives on the island and knows how things work may just be your best option if you don't want (or don't have the time) to manage a renovation, ask endless quotations, find furniture, decorate and complete a project within a specific date. The expertise of a professional interior decorator will be an unvaluable ally.

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Noogar can assist you with all the interior design services that you need to renovate and decorate your new home in Fuerteventura.

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