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Design Challenges: how to overcome the difficulties of designing a unique space in Fuerteventura.

There are endless challenges when it comes to design and furnish a new house but, when you live on an island, things can get even more difficult, even if you are an interior decorator. The good news is, with lots of planning and patience, nothing is impossible. Discover all the challenges (and solutions) we encounter during our design projects in Fuerteventura.

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As an interior design company based in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), we know the challenges that come with delivering the best design services to clients, especially in an island where options for buying furniture and home décor are limited. Throughout the years, we've worked hard to develop creative solutions that help us provide our clients with the best, tailored service when they hire us to design and renovate their property in Fuerteventura, making of it a beautiful place to move to or where to spend their holidays.

We are passionate about our job and its vital for us to balance creativity with reality. Here are some of the ways we overcome the challenges of working on a small island like Fuerteventura:

  • Building strong relationships with suppliers:

We work closely with local and international suppliers to ensure we have access to the best products, materials and furniture in a variety of different styles. It's also important to connect with smaller, local businesses that may have one-of-a-kind items to add charm and character to a space. This is a vital point for our job because it allows us creative freedom in every project.

  • Using creative design solutions:

We believe that limitations can lead to creativity when it comes to design. We approach each project with an open mind, and we are always looking for ways to use our resources in different and interesting ways. By taking a creative approach, we can create personalized designs and the result is always an unexpected yet unique interior decoration.

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  • Planning and communication:

An open and honest communication with the client is always at the basis of a great and successful interior design project or full home renovation. Before we begin any project, we spend time getting to know our clients and their preferences, as well as their budget and timeline. We never promise what we can't deliver and we work closely with our clients throughout the initial design process (it includes 3D plans, moodboards and more) to ensure we envision the project in the same way. After that, we take care of all the planning needed to execute the project.

  • Attention to detail:

On an island is not uncommon to see houses whose style is a clash of different materials, furniture and colours that don't match with each other. This is the reason why we pay close attention to every detail when sourcing products and materials because, by doing so, we can design and decorate the whole space with a cohesive and precise style. The final design must be perfect and must tell a story through the living room, the bedrooms and even the outdoor spaces. It's impossible to achieve a great result, an unique interior décor (and add value to your property in the Canary Islands) without balancing each and every colour, material and textile.

  • The flexibility factor.

Flexibility and adaptability are key to providing excellent interior design services on a small island because refurbishing or designing a new space involves the work and expertise of many people and of course, no matter how good you are at planning, you need to be ready for last minute adjustments and changes. For example, you need to be patient and flexible in those instances where there are delays with the shipments of materials and furniture coming from Europe. Plan B must always we ready to be put in place, a plan that doesn't compromise the style of the project promised to the client.

Every new project in Fuerteventura is not only a new project to add to our portfolio but an incredible learning experience. Decorating a house in an island like this one definitely has its challenges but in the end with careful planning, communication, and a creative approach, we've been able to provide our clients with a service that makes the process completely stress-free for them and that result into a new, beautiful space to call home.

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Our interior designer and decorator can help you design your house or villa in Fuerteventura and also manage the whole renovation process.

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