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New Project: Coworking and Coliving space at the Surfing Colors Hotel in Corralejo.

Designing and decorating a commercial space is a completely different process compared to a residential interior design project. Discover how we created a functional, comfortable and stylish Coworking and Coliving space in Fuerteventura, where digital nomads and remote workers can work efficiently. A unique open space in Corralejo that includes a working area, a fully equipped kitchen, a lounge area, a meeting room and private conference rooms to join Zoom meetings and online conferences.

Coworking © Noogar

When the Covid19 pandemic started and more and more people began working remotely, the need to have a functional, comfortable and, most of all, soundproof space became essential.

The management of the Surfing Colors Hotel in Corralejo had the brilliant idea to create something unique for their guests to peacefully work in and to also open it to the public. Even more exciting, they wanted Noogar to take charge of the design and all the creative aspects.

The hotel owners wanted a multifunctional space that could be used for different purposes by their guests and obviously wanted to see it before even starting the renovation of an area that was previously occupied by some apartments.

We therefore designed the space in 3D, making sure that nothing would be overlooked and taking into consideration all the necessary details to make sure the space would be functional and safe for guests to use. For an interior designer, this also means thinking carefully about what furniture and decorations are permitted, like fireproof upholstery, and what materials are best to use in terms of durability.

Kitchen © Noogar

We wanted to create a Coworking space that would look and feel completely different from the others in Fuerteventura, a unique place that would offer an unforgettable experience. It was an organic design process that lead us to design and decorate a NYC-inspired open space, full of natural light and quirky elements.

To keep the space open, we used glass windows all around the working space to take advantage of the abundant natural light and the beautiful Corralejo sea view. Glass is also what separates the Coworking from the Coliving without interrupting the fluidity from one space to another.

A design project for a public space requires many meetings, revisions, quotations and constant supervision. Our interior designer managed the whole project from day one, including budget control, request for quotations, dealing with suppliers and construction team, orders processing and quality control. In this way, the hotel's management only had to approve the different steps of the process without having to worry about every aspect involved in it.

Coworking © Noogar

Our aim was to design a space where different types of guests could feel welcomed to work at ease, from digital publishers to creative freelancers, programmers, graphic designers, online editors, social media specialists and website and app developers.

To achieve our goal, we have designed each area to be enjoyed by different types of users: the kitchen can be used for its usual purpose or even to eat a quick meal while keeping working on the stools; the Coworking space has comfy sofas, adjustable desks with ergonomic office chairs and areas with stools to be able to work looking at the beautiful views or simply standing; the meeting room can also be flipped into a designers' room, thanks to an electrically adjustable large table.

The idea for the kitchen design was to have a modern, black and white, industrial style kitchen that would emanate warmth and personality thanks to a quirky black and white flooring and plenty of natural wood.

Kitchen © Noogar

Everyone has their own personal opinion about what makes a coworking space truly great and, to us, it was important to design a space that would neither make people feel like they were working from home nor that they were back in the office.

For this reason the kitchen area feels cosy and welcoming, a place that promotes conversation, networking, and where to meet like-minded people like digital nomads or surfers.

On the other hand, the working space is professional and fully functional like an office but it is contextualised in an informal, stress-free space that is full of character and eccentricity.

The Coliving naturally flows into the Coworking space where, in order to keep the NYC vibe going, we designed a row of comfortable mustard yellow seatings reminiscent of the famous yellow cabs. They immediately make you feel like in a cosmopolitan and trendy coffee shop but, instead of working on a hard chair or an old vintage sofa, you can actually work on a comfortable, straight back position.

Natural materials have been used to decorate the space and Nordic style accents were added, from the stools to the adjustable sit/stand desks and our custom-designed circular wall decorations.

Coworking © Noogar

It was also essential to create a small nook where customers could take a break from their devices and just relax for a while. The lounge area has a very relaxing and tropical feel, which really diverges from the look of the rest of the space and makes you feel like, for a moment, you are in a different place where you don't have to worry about work.

Lounge Area © Noogar

Working in a nicely decorated space improves productivity and overall wellbeing so we decided to use decorative wallpapers to play down the seriousness of the office environment without disturbing the peacefulness of the interior décor.

The glam-style, golden leaves patterned wallpaper in the lounge area add a fun element in a space meant for disconnecting and recharging.

In the working space and in the meeting room, instead, the wallpaper pattern is simple and geometric to add a subtle layer to the interior design.

Meeting Room © Noogar

Also, thinking about how Zoom meetings were becoming the new normal way of communicating, we used part of the space to include three private conference rooms that are completely soundproofed in order for digital nomads to join an online meeting in a professional and comfortable way, while happily working from Fuerteventura.

Video conferencing Rooms © Noogar

A monochromatic colour palette with a touch of colour and decorative patterns was our starting point to design, refurbish and decorate this spacious working environment that feels fun, enjoyable and suitable for any type of remote work. Being able to finally see people working, cooking, having coffee or lunch and interacting in a space whose design took so much effort and attention to details, is the best feeling in the world.

Kitchen © Noogar

We are very proud to have contributed with our vision to the creation of a brand new space that was very much needed on the island, especially in this moment where our working habits are rapidly changing.

The team at the Surfing Colors Hotel did not only believe in our project, they also believed it was possible to give to local people and tourists a place like no other in Fuerteventura, a space that brings value and more services in this beautiful island that looks to the future.

Coworking © Noogar

You can completely transform the style and functionality of your business in Fuerteventura with our professional interior design and decorating services.

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