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Interview with the client: Leticia | The Noogar experience.

When our client decided to relocate from Barcelona to Fuerteventura, she chose to buy a villa with pool in Casilla de Costa, Villaverde, and contacted us to design and decorate the space in a modern, functional and comfortable way. Are you wondering about what it means to hire an interior designer? Leticia tells us about her experience and how we carried out the project following a minimalist approach, typical of Scandinavian houses, while adding warmth and personality.

From Barcelona to Fuerteventura. Tell us about what brought you to the island.

Surfing brought us here the first time but then, we decided to stay because of the tranquillity of the island, the friendliness of the people here and the ease of working remotely since the pandemic.

My husband and I first visited Fuerteventura almost 15 years ago during a surfing holiday and since then, we have always come back 2 or 3 times a year. We fell more and more in love with the island during each visit, we discovered new spots and we began to consider coming to live here - but it was difficult for us to quit our jobs in Barcelona. The pandemic allowed us to work from remote, at least for a period of time, and so here we are.

Why did you decide to buy a villa in Villaverde and what do you like the most about the area?

The north has always been our favourite part of the island because it gives you easy access to several surfing spots on the east, west and north coasts. Also, it offers leisure and a wide choice of restaurants in the towns that we like the most: Lajares, Villaverde, El Cotillo, Corralejo, Tindaya... Villaverde is located in the central part of the north and therefore, it allows us to move easily around the area and it offers us a lot of tranquillity and unique landscapes.

Did you plan to hire an interior designer and decorator from the beginning or did you decide it later on?

No way! We had planned to furnish the house ourselves in a simple way but we were living in Barcelona and with the pandemic going on, it was difficult to travel on and off the island. We also soon discovered that furniture options to decorate a house were limited in Fuerteventura and also how difficult it was for us to find service providers (gardening, renovating, plumbing, windows, curtains...) who would attend us quickly.

We realized that it would have been very difficult for us to manage it all. And then I came across Noogar's work on Instagram, I loved what I saw and decided to contact them - even though I honestly thought it would be a service I couldn't afford. I definitely made up my mind during the first phone call with Fabio, when he explained to me how he worked and everything that his services included. I felt how experienced he was and he made it easy for me to trust him with the job.

Did you already have a vision of how the style and the home décor of your chalet would be or should be?

No, I only knew I liked Nordic style and that the sofa had to be very comfortable. I also wanted an island in the kitchen and a nice garden with some greenery - and nothing else, hahaha. We also didn't need expensive furniture, because we didn't know whether this would be our permanent home or not. When Fabio presented us with the first version of the project/3D render, there were some areas and elements that were not quite fitting our style. We told him about it and the next day we already had a new proposal that we both loved. Fabio always knew how to listen to us and managed to create a project using its own brand identity and signature style, yet personalized to our needs and tastes.

Being in Barcelona, has it been difficult for you to not be able to follow each step of the project?

We knew from the beginning that the project was in good hands and it has been a very smooth process, at least for us! Fabio always kept us informed of everything important that was going on and he has been in charge of solving all the problems that arose.

Was there anything about the home design that you were not so convinced about at first but that, in the end, completely surprised you?

There is a painting in the dining room that Fabio kept on telling me how good it would look but I just could not see it there... By the end of the project, I was so happy with how everything was going that I made a proposal to Fabio: he could buy all the decorations and textiles he wanted, within a certain budget, without consulting me. When I arrived, the painting was there and it's without a doubt one of my favourite pieces in the entire house. It gives a souls to the whole living room.

Tell us about your first reaction when you saw your newly renovated house and which is your favourite room.

Although we had chosen various pieces of furniture and elements of the house together, we had not seen anything about the final result until the day of presentation so, it was a very special moment for us to arrive and have Fabio welcoming us, keys in hand, as if to say "here it is, your little house." We spent hours walking around the house discovering and appreciating every details, it was a great surprise. A year and a half later I still love the whole house and in particular the master bedroom. It gives me a lot of tranquillity and relaxes me at bedtime. Also our little garden, which always makes me happy when I enter the house.

What surprised you the most about the work an interior designer does?

Without a doubt, in the case of Noogar, we were surprised by his ability to manage and execute the project without headaches for the client and within the agreed budget. Also, the fact that Fabio has been very involved and hands-on with everything, as if it were his own house. He has always gone above and beyond our expectations on all fronts. We were also delighted to see that Noogar works with a network of very reliable providers.

Three reasons why you would recommend Noogar.

Fabio, Fabio and Fabio one more time. I mean: 1) for his ability to design and customise your home with excellent taste; 2) for his impeccable coordination and execution skills; 3) for the love he puts into each project.

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