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Interview with the client: Raffaella | The Noogar experience.

We have decided to tell you what it means to design and furnish a home in Fuerteventura from the point of view of the client. With the kindness that distinguishes her, Raffaella tells us about her personal experience with our interior design services during the renovation and decoration of her villa with swimming pool in the exclusive Casilla De Costa residential in Villaverde, Fuerteventura.

Why did you decide to buy a house in Fuerteventura?

My husband and I went on holiday to Fuerteventura two years ago and we immediately fell in love with it. We were looking for a quiet and a bit of a "wild" place where nature still had the best of man. At the same time we were looking for a place that could also offer the comforts that modern life requires. In Fuerteventura we found all of the above as well as wonderful beaches, typical villages, very little traffic and a lot of silence.

What made you hire an interior designer and what convinced you to entrust the project to Noogar?

At the beginning we had no intention of hiring an interior designer as, being a control freak, I was convinced that I could do it all by myself. In any case, I quickly changed my mind! One day, our real estate agent told us about Fabio (Noogar) and, with a bit of scepticism, we accepted a meeting via Skype. I must say that the first impression was excellent and given his helpfulness and kindness, we were able to express both our wishes and concerns. It was the first time we turned to a professional interior designer and frankly, we didn't know what to expect. What does an interior designer do specifically? What will he do on a daily basis? How are we going to check on the home renovation without living on the island? After a short but intense conversation we decided that Fabio was the person we needed: professional, serious and courteous.

Did you and your husband had specific needs? Were they met?

We had multiple needs and we only had 2 months to complete the renovation and furnish the property before moving and start living in it. The island's relaxed lifestyle obviously wasn't playing in our favour but when the Covid19 pandemic broke out, it made the situation even worse.

In a short time Fabio presented us with a very interesting project to start working on. I say this without exaggerating, Fabio made a miracle and went above and beyond our expectations. So, to answer your question, yes, all our needs have been fully met.

Tell us what it was like to follow the entire process while being in Italy...

Due to the pandemic and the distance, our contacts have always been via Skype, WhatsApp and e-mail. We discussed the 3D renderings with Fabio and he often made live adjustments during our online meetings, following our requests. Our ideas often turned out to be wrong or not feasible as Fabio perfectly had in mind the final vision of the house, including the furnishings; we did not. We soon realised that the design, the advices and the solutions that were proposed to us during the online meetings were not only successful but had been specifically thought and designed for us to make the best possible use of the space. This is not to say that he did not listen to our requirements, on the contrary, we fell in love with his proposals because we felt they were ours. The same was with the choice of furnishings. Moreover, with great precision and organisation, he sent us invoices and receipts of payments without ever omitting not even a euro.

How was your first visit in your new home designed and decorated by Noogar?

Our trust in Fabio became total in a very short time, thanks to his good taste and his dedication. For this reason at one point we told him that we didn't want to see anything anymore. Our answers began to be like "do it, we trust you".

For a few weeks we did not know how the renovation was going but Fabio told us not to worry and that is exactly what we did until our arrival in Fuerteventura. We arrived in the evening, very excited and full of curiosity. When we entered the house, Fabio was there waiting for us and... we were left speechless. Everything was perfect and cared for down to the smallest detail: furniture, paintings, curtains, cushions… I felt like I was browsing through an interior design magazine but instead it was all true.

The beautiful space we were in was not only ready to inhabit, it was ready to be called "home".

All this in less than two months, I repeat, it was a miracle.

Do you have a favourite room?

I really wouldn't know how to choose one... Fabio's design and home décor gave the entire villa a precise aesthetic that flows from one room to the next, something I would have never been able to achieve by myself and for this reason, I am grateful to him. Each space conveys something beautiful and unique. The house as a whole is elegant, warm and welcoming without losing the functionality and comfort of a modern home. Nothing is left to chance and there is a very careful attention to details, from the choice of the colour palette to bed linen and textiles, accessories, plants and the interior lighting.

Was there anything that you were not fully convinced of at first but that, in the end, truly surprised you?

Yes, there was actually one thing that I was not very convinced of until the moment I was able to see it live. Fabio suggested we cover a living room wall with wooden panels panted white. I couldn't imagine it despite seeing it in his beautiful 3D renderings of the living room. My husband immediately liked the idea, so I finally gave up and said "let's do it". What can I say, it turned out to be an exceptionally great decision. The panelling makes the environment unique and original without being heavy on the eye. I find it beautiful.

I also have to tell a fun anecdote… Before deciding to hire an interior designer, we bought a table while we were on the island. We liked it but, after meeting Fabio, we realised that we hadn't taken into account some features of the house such as the floor and the windows. The more I insisted on keeping the table, the more Fabio insisted on making me understand that it was absolutely not suitable for the living room and that it would ruin the interior décor. He was right and in the end we opted for a custom-made table designed by him. Only a true professional, who believes in his project more than he cares about making money, could go to such an extent to let us understand his vision and the fact that we should not look at furniture as individual pieces but rather, we should consider how each and every piece works within the space together with the rest.

What are the most important reasons why you would recommend hiring an interior designer?

With this experience I realised that despite good will and maybe even good taste, only an interior designer can understand and is able to manage and transform a space, taking into account many facets and characteristics, both aesthetic and functional. It is not enough to have a lot of money and buy expensive furniture to make a beautiful home. I realised that behind a professional interior designer there is a lot of study and work as well as good taste.

Other than that, you don't realise how important it is to have someone who can follow the whole process, from asking quotations to the final decoration and home styling. Fabio followed the renovation personally, coordinating and maintaining contact with all the people who work for him, from the construction company and the electrician, to the gardener and the kitchen and curtain company. This is a great advantage for a client as Fabio only chooses the best and remains a point of reference both before and after the completion of the project. The companies that worked in the refurbishment of our villa have a great respect for Fabio's work and, for this reason, under his supervision the work takes place quickly, effectively and with utter attention to quality.

How would you describe your experience with Noogar one year later?

I think you have already realised that my experience with Noogar has been incredibly positive, exceeding all my expectations. I recommend it without any doubt, you can close your eyes and go ahead because the wow effect is 100% guaranteed. Entrusting everything to Fabio allowed us to live the (very often traumatising) experience of a home renovation and furnishing in a peaceful way and to have a wonderful space where we can live half of the year and rent (to fully satisfied guests) the other half.

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