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Interview with the client: Amaya y José Miguel | The Noogar experience.

We met up with Amaya and José Miguel, a charming couple from Bilbao, who tell us about their experience with our interior design services in Fuerteventura and how the entire creative, decorative and furnishing process has been with our interior decorator. Discover how their top floor apartment in Pueblo Majorero, Caleta de Fuste, with views over the sea and the golf course, has been transformed into a comfortable modern home full or retro-vintage influences, colours and natural materials.

Why did you decide to buy a property in Fuerteventura?

A: We were both looking for a place in Spain where we could escape to during the very long and cold winter season in Bilbao and honestly, the weather that Fuerteventura offers all year round is simply amazing and impossible to resist.

What do you like the most about Caleta De Fuste?

A: I really like its location because it is in the centre of the island and its proximity to both the airport and the capital, Puerto del Rosario. I love its tranquillity and having the beach just a 5 minutes walk away.

JM: And while my wife walks to the beach, I can walk to the golf course to enjoy one of my greatest passions. It's great to have so many amenities close to home.

When did you realize that you needed help decorating and furnishing your property?

A: We decided it while we were still in Bilbao. As soon as we made up our minds to buy this house in Pueblo Majorero, we thought it would have been a good idea to find an interior designer to help us.

JM: We simply didn't know where to start and how to do it because we didn't know Fuerteventura that well and also, the few furniture and home décor shops we had seen, were not to our liking.

Was it the first time that you have hired an interior designer? What were your expectations?

A: No, it wasn't the first time, we have always taken into consideration the opinion of a professional to design and decorate our houses because renovating a house takes a lot of work and planning. Moreover, an interior designer can see the potential of a space and advise you on the best possible solutions that you would never have thought of or considered.

JM: We like to have a professional on our side who understands what we want and can take charge of and manage the entire project. The question was, how to find a professional interior designer in Fuerteventura? How to entrust your house to someone across the ocean?

Did you already have any ideas, or specific requests, regarding the furnishing?

A: The only idea we had in mind was to have a space that felt open, airy and without too much furniture.

JM: I also wanted a house that felt completely different from the one we have in Bilbao because we were going to enjoy Fuerteventura in a totally different way in terms of lifestyle.

How did you deal with not knowing exactly what the house would look like in the end?

A: Fabio's vision was very easy to follow and as soon as he started showing us the 3D plan and the furniture options, we saw right away how everything we wanted was taking shape and form.

Fabio made it easy for us to trust him and that's why we gave him the creative freedom he needed.

What was your first impression when you entered your newly decorated house?

A: It was just as perfect as we had imagined it to be.

JM: I was so curious to see the end result and when the moment arrived, I was literally amazed, surprised and of course happy.

How would you describe your home and what is your favourite room or piece of furniture?

A: We like everything about it. However, if I had to mention one feature that stands out its originality, I would say the custom designed wooden wall panelling in our bedroom.

JM: I really like how functional, spacious and comfortable the living room feels and how it flows seamlessly out onto the terrace. It is a cosy and ideal home to relax and welcome friends and family.

Are you happy with your experience with Noogar?

A: Happy is reductive. You have to understand and put yourself at the moment when they gave us the keys. It was May 2020, in the midst of a pandemic. All sea and air transportations were closed or severely limited. We thought that we would never be able to go to our new house. If I think about it, I still can't quite believe it but Fabio managed to deliver the house to us, fully furnished and decorated to the very last detail.

JM: He really acted like a great professional and got the furniture to arrive on time and he also managed to carry out all the necessary improvements. Fabio made everything extremely easy for us and we feel so grateful.

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