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Corralejo and the Artisanal Market

Our visit to the Canarian style market in El Campanario.

Last Sunday we visited the traditional market in Corralejo within the courtyard of the shopping centre El Campanario. Walking through its alleys the atmosphere is bustling and local artists and crafters have the chance to present their handmade creations. We are always on the look for original pieces and home decorations to add to our interior design projects, and it is nice to meet the artists in person and see them at work.

The whole experience is really enjoyable as you can find plenty of stalls, cafes, restaurants and even live music all around you. We have been particularly impressed by some photographers and painters and found some interesting artworks that would fit perfectly in some of our home decorating projects. Most of them portray colourful landscapes and naturalistic images of the stunning island of Fuerteventura.

Art and decorative pieces for the home are very important to us when working on a home styling project during and it is something very personal and different for each and every client. We were happy to meet a local painter and found some great paintings to include in the interior decorating of a holiday home in Fuerteventura we are working on at the moment. It was as easy as sending our client a message on WhatsApp with a selection of images and, by the time we finished having coffee, she responded to us and we purchased the pieces.

Noogar can not only help you find the perfect piece of furniture, we can also find the best pieces of art and decoration for your home in the Canary Islands. We will make it easy for you during the whole renovation or decoration of your property. In fact, we can commission and create for you exclusive and handmade pieces made by us. Discover more art for the home, decorations and home accessories like cushion covers, throws and more on our website.

Bring some art and uniqueness to your home and Contact us to find out more about all the services we can offer you!

Make it Home. Make it Noogar.


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