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The Best Winter Trends for your home Interior Design and Decor

Even if the winter season does not visit us in Fuerteventura, we have decided to make a list of the latest winter trends for your home interior design. Winter trends are not only meant for homes in cold countries and we think you may find something inspiring to adapt and include in your home décor. It can be a colour or texture for your next home renovation or a different material to consider when you buy new furniture. Ready to discover the 2021 Fall / Winter Trends?

CHECK FABRICS – we have seen tartan coming back during the latest fashion weeks but check fabrics will be present in upholstery furniture, armchairs, curtains and blankets. An elegant addition to any kind of home decor.

CLASSICISM – if there is an interior design trend that never goes out of fashion is classical style. You may have a modern home or like the contemporary style but adding a classical touch to your interior design (a decoration, a statue, or furniture) will elevate the whole style. If you are planning a home renovation in Fuerteventura, you may consider opting for classical architectural features. If, on the other hand, you just want to re-furnish your home, a furniture shop that ships to the Canary Islands is the one for you.

DEEP SHADES OF GREEN – green is considered a healing colour and during the winter season it adds a warm and chic touch to your home. Think of retro style velvet green sofas of dark green curtains. Olive green will be the best colour for your wall as it beautifully matches with the wooden furniture and shelves of the minimalist interior design trend.

HOME OFFICES – we have been forced to spend more time at home this year and people discovered that having a comfortable home is not enough. If you need to work from home, you must have a separate, quiet room where to concentrate and have your online meetings. This trend is not about style, it is about functionality. If you buy a home in Fuerteventura and have enough space, you should consider a home office in your design project.

MIXED-TEXTURE INTERIORS – this trend is meant to promote freedom of expression, after all, your home should reflect your personality. You can mix different materials and styles as long as you achieve a balanced interior design. It is a way to include different natural elements to your home living and a professional interior designer can help you choose the different textures to create a personal and harmonious interior décor.

NATURE INSPIRED COLOURS – Using a earthy and slightly darker colour palette will result in a simple, elegant and effortless interior design look. These warm colours are perfect for winter but if you like a peaceful home atmosphere they can be used anytime, anywhere. Creating a sustainable home is becoming a must and colours inspired by nature are the perfect choice.

NEOETNIC STYLE – the fusion between modern and ethnic inspired by the Nordic design and patterns. If world music has become a trend, creating a world influence for your home interiors is the best option to feel like a citizens of the planet. We are not sure when we will be able to travel freely again but thanks to this trend, you can achieve a modern chic look with bohemian, ethnic and colourful touches.

SILVER FINISHES – silver can feel like a cold and wintery option but if you like your home to be modern and minimal, a touch of silver immediately transform any interior with its minimal elegance.

GRAPHIC INTERIOR DESIGN – if you love the simplicity of the Scandinavian interior design but you feel like it lacks colour then this trend is for you. You can use primary colours to create a contrasting colour palette while going for a more minimalistic use of the living room. A colourful yet simple home makeover.

STATEMENT RUG – never underestimate the power of a rug. No matter your interior design style, nomadic rugs are going to be a trend this winter. Their oriental design and bold decorative patterns can perfectly fit into a modern or rustic home décor. As you can see, bohemian style will not disappear, it will just change the way it will be present in your home.

TEXTILE ART – to keep the natural vibe going, pieces of art made of textile will be a big trend. This can be an artwork or a mirror or literally anything functional with a textile twist. An original decorative touch for any room of your home.

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