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A Guide to Mid-Century Modern Interior Design and how to use it in your Home Decor.

If you're looking to infuse your home in Fuerteventura with a touch of classic sophistication, Mid-Century Modern is the style you were looking for. This iconic design movement, which gained prominence from the mid-1940s to the late 1960s, has never gone out of fashion and it could actually be one of the interior design trends of 2024. Its clean lines, functional beauty, and timeless appeal continue to captivate homeowners and interior designers alike. Discover all you need to know about Mid-Century Modern, including tips on how to incorporate it into your interior decoration.

mid-century modern interior design and home decorating tips from our interior designer in Fuerteventura.


It's a design style that emerged in the mid-20th century and has left an indelible mark on the world of architecture and interior design. It's characterized by a perfect harmony between form and function, showcasing sleek lines, organic shapes, and a focus on minimalism. This style champions the concept that good design should emphasise simplicity and efficiency without sacrificing elegance.

The Main Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern:

  • Clean Lines: whether it's furniture, architecture, or decor, you'll find a simplicity that's both striking and calming when it comes to Mid-Century Modern and the secret lies in the clean and simple lines of this style.

  • Organic Forms: inspired by nature, it often incorporates organic shapes and materials. Think curved furniture, biomorphic patterns, and the use of natural materials like wood and stone.

  • Functionality: form follows function in the Mid Century Modern ethos. Every piece has a purpose, and this pragmatic approach extends to innovative storage solutions and multi-functional furniture.

  • Bold Colours: while the color palette tends to be more subdued, you'll find bold pops of color as accents. Think mustard yellows, avocado greens, and vibrant oranges, adding personality to the neutral backdrop.

  • Iconic Furniture: the Mid Century Modern movement introduced us to iconic furniture pieces that have stood the test of time. Think Eames chairs, Noguchi tables, and the unmistakable Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen.


  • Start with a neutral canvas and begin decorating your home by choosing a neutral color palette for your walls, such as white, beige, or light gray. This allows the iconic furniture and bold accents to shine.

  • Invest in statement pieces or iconic Mid-Century Modern furniture to use as the focal points of each room. These classics pieces will set the tone for the entire space.

  • Add bold accents and introduce pops of bold colors through accessories like throws, cushions, artworks or rugs. These accents pay homage to the era's love for vibrant hues.

  • Embrace natural materials like teak, walnut, and leather into your furniture and decor. This connection to nature is central to the Mid Century Modern style.

  • Less is more so, remember to keep the space uncluttered. Let each piece breathe, allowing its design to shine without overwhelming the room.

The beauty of Mid-Century Modern is its versatility. This style appeals to a wide range of individuals and it could be perfect for you to incorporate in your home decoration if you are a:

Minimalist: If you appreciate clean lines and functional design, Mid-Century Modern offers a perfect match.

Vintage Enthusiasts: If you're drawn to the charm of bygone eras, the timeless elegance of this style will speak to you.

Lover of Iconic Design: If you admire classic furniture pieces that have become synonymous with style, you'll find them in the world of Mid Century Modern.

Seeker of Timeless Sophistication: If you want your home to exude an air of classicism that never goes out of style, this is the style that can help you create a sophisticated and interesting interior design.

You can renovate and decorate your home in Fuerteventura with the professional help of our interior designer. Tailored to your tastes and needs, our services grant access to exclusive furniture, decorations, and a dedicated project manager overseeing the renovation. Transform your space into a stunning and functional holiday villa or apartment in the Canary Islands.

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