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Wallpaper is back! Discover how one of the key trends of 2022 will dominate our home décor.

It is possibly one of the most iconic and longest running interior design trend ever but this year, wallpaper is taking on new patterns and most importantly new areas of the house: the kitchen, the bathroom and also the terrace. These are the latest trends you can use, or be inspired by, to decorate your home in Fuerteventura using wallpaper.


The power of nature has influenced both interior and furniture design in recent years and together with the ever-growing love for neutral colour palettes and a natural home décor, when it comes to wallpaper it is not surprising to see how colourful prints that usually depict natural landscapes, leaves, flowers and the jungle are being adapted in a neutral way. We will see elegant combinations of white and gold, soft textures and colours like terracotta, blue and green to decorate neutral interiors that combine style with wellbeing.


If you are not convinced about wallpaper then you should give it a try using it in the bathroom since, being the smallest room of the house, you can experiment with bold colours, patterns and ideas as you wouldn't normally do in your living room. Interior designers are already using opulent wallpapers with strong, bold prints in the bathroom to create vibrant contrasts and statement decorations. The other advantage of applying wallpaper on your bathroom's walls is that you won't need to undertake a full renovation.


Using geometrical shapes and patterns to decorate a room is a great way to add order, balance and a modern touch to the space. One of the trends this year will be using wallpaper in the kitchen (a vinyl surface is recommended) focusing on geometry and ethnic colours like curry, mustard yellow, ochre and indigo blue. The perfect combination is you plan on decorating a modern rustic interior.


It is not as easy as it seems to decorate a receiver or the entrance area but this year, wallpaper could be the solution you were waiting for. The colour yellow (and in general vibrant, eyepopping colours) will be predominant on wallpapers because the idea is to decorate a happy, joyful interior where at least one of the rooms feels extravagant and impactful. What better area than the entrance to make a great first impression and set the mood the the whole interior decoration?


Yes, it may sound absurd, but the decorative benefits of using wallpapers will also be seen in terraces, patios and gardens. The trend is to buy large, mural-type wallpapers that depict a landscape or an abstract motif to cover the walls of your outdoor space or pool area. It is important to have at least one large wall to achieve a stunning effect and also, using a wallpaper with metallic textures that will reflect the sunlight is another great decorative tip that will facilitate your outdoor decoration.

If you need to design, refurbish and decorate your home or villa in Fuerteventura, our interior design and home décor services can assist you throughout the whole process. Our interior designer and decorator can help with your property in Corralejo, Villaverde, Lajares, La Oliva, Tindaya, Caleta de Fuste, El Cotillo, Puerto Del Rosario.

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