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Kitchen Inspiration: discover the latest trends to design your dream kitchen.

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen in Fuerteventura this year? Kitchen design trends are constantly evolving, and 2023 is no exception. From bold and dark colours to smart technology and minimalism, there are plenty of styles and trends to be inspired by. Discover how interior designers will incorporate them to create functional, modern and impossibly stylish kitchens.

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No matter if you decide to design a black kitchen or one with eccentric colours, the important thing is to create a bold aesthetic. Colours like navy blue, forest green, and even black cabinets paired with striking countertops and backsplashes will be a popular trend this year. You can achieve the same result even if you use a neutral colour palette, as long as you create interesting contrasts.

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Mixing different metal finishes such as gold, silver, and brass is a trend that has been gaining momentum in recent years and when you use different finishes on your kitchen fixtures and accessories, you will create a unique and timeless kitchen décor.


Thanks to the increasing popularity of smart homes, we are familiarizing with advanced kitchen appliances and devices. Expect to see more high-tech features in kitchen appliances in 2023, such as smart ovens and refrigerators that can be easily controlled via a smartphone and that will make the time you spend cooking in the kitchen more functional and organized.


Clients of our interior design company in Fuerteventura are starting to look for more eco-friendly and sustainable solutions when it comes to design or renovate their home and make their kitchen more energy efficient through appliances, sustainable materials and also with indoor plants to improve the air quality.

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From one extreme to the other. After the maximalist trend of recent seasons, minimalist kitchens are coming back with their clean lines, order and focus on functionality and taking advantage of every square metre. The main concept is a design that wants to create a calm space where to begin the day, a space where cooking feels almost relaxing rather than stressing.


Interior decorators will use natural materials such as wood, stone, and marble a lot this year because of their presence in the kitchen is able to create beautiful textures. If you are renovating your kitchen, consider incorporating natural materials into your countertops, flooring, kitchen island and backsplash for a classic yet modern and elegant look.


Lighting fixtures can be a great way to add personality and style to your kitchen. Bold and unique pendant lights and chandeliers are popular choices for adding a touch of glamour and sophistication. It will be the ultimate contrasting element to create a dramatic, visual effect and add a quirky touch to your interior decoration, especially if you have an open-plan kitchen.

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Your interior designer can help you incorporate these latest kitchen design trends into your home renovation and can create a functional and modern space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. After all, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen so why not making it a place that is meant to last for a long time, using quality materials and a custom-designed style?

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If you need to renovate or design a kitchen for your home in Fuerteventura, Noogar can assist you throughout the whole process and create a unique, design kitchen according to your specific taste and needs.

Contact us for a free quotation.

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