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New Year, New Style: Discover all the interior design trends of 2023.

If you are planning a full home renovation for your villa in Fuerteventura or if you simply want to revamp the living room or bedroom, we have the inspiration and all the latest home décor trends you were looking for. Interior decorators all agree that in 2023 the focus should be on wellness design, emphasising textures and using colours in modern and expressive way. Are you ready to decorate your home with a new style?


Having a comfortable home is not enough. In recent years, after the pandemic, people began conceiving their living space with a strong accent on wellness and wellbeing. It is important to design and decorate an area were to practice meditation and mindfulness. Wellness design will be popular this year thanks to its focus on slow living, curved lines, minimalism and open plan spaces.


The aesthetic of this iconic decade is often colourful and eccentric but this year, the 90's are back with their warmer, more neutral colour palette. Beige, brown, cream will be revisited in different hues to evoke a practical, comfortable and most importantly cosy home decoration. Using these colour you will create an optimist and elegant modern interior for your living room or bedroom.


Black will be your ally if you decide to decorate your house with a sophisticated and dramatic flavour. In the last couple of years, black came back to the world of interior design and it seems like it's not leaving anytime soon. From black kitchens to black, textured, custom-designed elements, you can choose how rich and how contemporary or monochromatic your space can become.

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One of the most favourite design element by interior designers and home decorators, alcoves and niches, are architectural features that allow you to express your personality through the exhibition and the focus on statement decorative pieces. You can easily design different nooks according to the style of your space because they will always add visual interest, emphasizing the interior décor. They are also space-saving and this is an invaluable addition if you are decorating a small apartment.


In 2023 colours should express tranquillity and serenity and therefore we'll see hues of teal, emerald and basil greens and sea-like blues in our home décor. The calming cool tones of nature can be perfectly used to decorate a bedroom, bathroom or meditation room. If you decide to decorate your home in Fuerteventura this year, these colours are perfect to bring nature and the ocean indoor.


Interior decorators always try to maximize the amount of natural light shining into a space but especially this year, it will be a priority to include large windows in the home design. If you are planning to build a new villa or fully refurbish your property, make sure to have at least one large window opening on a beautiful, naturalistic landscape. Natural light has numerous benefits on our wellbeing and mood so it is vital to be exposed to it as much as we can.

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Another recurring presence from last year's list of design and décor trends, raw materials, recycled wood, stones, marble, ceramics and organic shapes will continue to be predominant in our interiors. What's new? In 2023 they will be about exaggerated textures and veins, giving your interior decorator the chance to create a hypertextured, high-contrast space.

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If neutral colours are not your cup of tea, you will be happy to know that the quirky, bohemian, opulent style called maximalism will be one of this year's protagonists through a modern filter. Instead of focusing of eccentric prints and clashing colours, modern maximalism is about creating layers through the interior styling of different art pieces and decorative objects. Sculptural-like shapes can be introduced with furniture like tables, chairs and sofas.


As a tribute to the importance of sustainable design and handmade crafts, interior designers will introduce textures in many shapes and forms, as long as they are custom-made.

Wall panels, tables, lamps, wallpapers and crafts designed and created with natural material will add authenticity and create a beautiful, layered interior decoration.

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We can help you design, decorate and furnish your home in Fuerteventura in a completely new style this year. We can also manage the full renovation of your property, so that you won't have to worry about anything as we design and prepare your own, unique space.

Contact Us for a free quotation.

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