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6 Furniture and Home Décor Trends to decorate your home in the Canary Islands.

Are you wondering what are the latest trends in the world of interior decoration? Don't worry, if you are thinking of buying furniture and home decorations to furnish your home in the Canary Islands, we have prepared a list of the latest trends and pieces of furniture to inspire your next home makeover.

When you think about buying furniture, you are usually thinking about something special that will add value to your home interior design and most importantly, you want to buy something beautiful that will stand the test of time and that can be enjoyed for more than one season. For this reason, we have decided to help you with a list of the best trends in furniture and design to inspire your home furnishing in the Canary Islands.

Among the many trends, there is a common desire for sustainability when it comes to furniture and this may translate into a new appreciation for vintage and retro furniture. Natural wood, recycled wood and sustainable materials in general will be increasingly present in this year's home décor trends. There is also another common theme and it is colour because furniture with a playful aesthetic allows you decorate a happy home for your family and friends.

Are you ready to discover the best trends in furniture design?

1. Wicker and rattan

These materials may never go out of style, especially rattan chairs. People are always happy to bring elements of nature into their own home and the surprising thing is that these materials will never look dated if you put them in a suitable, carefully designed space. You can buy them for a modern living room as well as a retro-inspired home.

2. Colourful and Modern Furniture

Many Italian furniture designers and interior designers are creating bold and colourful home furnishings and accessories, from lamps to wardrobes, for a specific reason. Modern furniture mixed with colours is a mix that takes us to the future. Thanks to this combination the kitchen design or living room design is meant to help us escape from the anxieties of the contemporary world. Too conceptual? Don't worry about the unconventional shapes of some pieces of furniture, they can also be surprisingly functional.

3. High Stools

There is something special about sitting on a high stool in a bar, so why not buying one for your home? They are beautiful to look at and add a lot of personality to any interior, even if you only buy a set of 2 stools. You can also find them in different styles such as industrial chic, modern or retro. The perfect place to place them is the kitchen island as they promise to surprise your guests and create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.

4. Custom Made Furniture

If you live in Fuerteventura, you are probably looking for something special and handmade to decorate your home. In fact, people are tired of buying the same furniture as everyone else. The clients of our interior design and home décor services want customizable items and unique handcrafted pieces made especially for them. It's not just about quality, it's also about functionality and promoting the work of local Canarian artists. We can design the kitchen, the outdoor space and the living room for our clients but when it comes to custom-made furniture, what they are usually looking for is a custom-designed storage unit.

5. Retro Style Furniture

Finding an antique piece of furniture is not easy but many brands are introducing retro-inspired furniture to help us decorate with a vintage touch. One of our favourite things about this trend is the return of velvet sofa with large and comfortable cushions that immediately take us back to the 70s. You can also find modern sideboards and cabinets with a retro or vintage influence so that, little by little, you can decorate any of your rooms with a lot of charm and in a timeless style.

6. Indoor / Outdoor Furniture

When shopping for outdoor furniture, it is vital to choose the right materials and textiles. Even more important, this trend focuses on buying outdoor sofas, chairs, loungers and cushions that you can use both outdoors and indoors. This is a smart choice to create a cohesive aesthetic that flows throughout the space while, at the same time, using furniture that will not be worn out when left outside in different weather conditions.

Are you feeling inspired?

If you need the advice of a professional interior designer and home decorator to buy furniture online and furnish your home in a different way, contact us for a free consultation.

Thanks to our extensive list of suppliers we can help you buy design quality furniture, suitable for your home in the Canary Islands.

We deliver to Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera.

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