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Blinds and Curtains for your home in Fuerteventura: What are the latest trends?

When you decorate your home, you may not pay too much attention to them but one thing is for sure: blinds and curtains never go unnoticed. They are one of the most important elements of any home décor and this year, we will see them made of organic or recycled materials and in neutral colours or eccentric prints. Discover the latest trends to create a beautiful interior décor for your home, office, chalet, apartment, shop or villa in Fuerteventura.

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When clients contact us for our interior design services in Fuerteventura, they usually don't immediately realise the importance blinds and curtains have in creating a beautiful and functional space. This is why, as we design the space in 3D and as we talk about their style and budget for the renovation, we also advise to carefully consider what kind of curtains they want and what function each curtain or blind will have in each room. Depending on the sizes of the windows, custom-made curtains are usually the best option and also, taking into consideration the interior design, the colour palette, and the size of the room, the material and colour you choose for your curtains will help you achieve the best possible result for your interior décor, a look that won't go unnoticed.

Organic Materials

Linen and cotton curtains are definitely the protagonists of this year. They are extremely soft and light materials that work well in both a modern and rustic interior design. The wrinkled appearance of these natural textiles is what makes them perfect to create a cosy, warm and most of all sustainable living space. Linen curtains also create a soft and romantic atmosphere in the room thanks to the way they filter the natural light.

Earthy Tones

Nordic minimalism, hygge and Scandinavian décor have been influencing the design and décor of many homes this year so it is not surprising that the use of curtains and blinds in earthy and neutral colours will be noticeable. Mustard, off-whites, stone grey and creams are the best colours for your curtains if your interior designer decides to decorate a comforting and natural home interior. These earth-inspired tones are also versatile and subtle, making them adaptable to different interior design style and furniture.

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Velvet Curtains

Is it possible that velvet is still in fashion? Yes, velvet continues to be a widely used fabric for curtains because in addition to being elegant and luxurious, bright colours work extremely well on velvet curtains and this will help you decorating a more contemporary space.

Exotic Prints

Once your living room, bedroom or bathroom are renovated and restyled, it is difficult to simply change the curtains because they are an integral part of the room's style and décor. Therefore, choosing curtains with exotic prints, or even a striped or geometrical pattern, is something that you should consider carefully. If the space allows it, nature-inspired prints for curtains and blinds are a big trend this year because they connect us to the land, to nature and to what is called 'biophilic design'. These types of curtains, can also help you creating the perfect, flowing, uninterrupted, tropical indoor/outdoor living space.

Bold Colours

If you'd rather stay away from curtains with prints, you can still create a statement look using bold colours. Bright colours can be used on both curtains, blinds and blackout curtains. They promise to exalt the whole interior décor with a modern, colourful touch that we now so desperately need as we are spending more time at home. An interior designer can study your home space and design a new one where even a bold colour can find its place in an interior decoration that feels balanced and full of personality.

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Neutral colours

Shades of brown, sage, dusty rose and even steel blue are some of the neutral tones that will lead the curtains trend in 2021. Neutral colours match with many colour palettes and even if you have wallpapers or prints already present in your home décor, a monochromatic curtain in a neutral colour will help you add warmth and balance to the room.

Roman Curtains

These curtains are shorter and are perfect for a rustic home décor. They add a traditional and utterly elegant touch to your small or odd-shaped kitchen's or bedroom's windows but, thanks to modern and geometric prints they could also work well in a more modern home. Of course, roman curtains, most of the times, have to be custom-made according to the specific size of the windows.

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Do you need to buy curtains, blinds, blackout curtains, venetian curtains or roller blinds for your home in Fuerteventura?

An interior designer can assist you in designing and decorating your property, offering you a complete list of services that also include finding and installing your own personal custom-made curtains.

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