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All the trending colours to paint your house in Fuerteventura this summer.

Are you wondering what colour palette you should use for your next home decoration? Discover what are the current most popular colours according to interior designers to paint your kitchen, living room and terrace. Remember, a touch of colour (the right one) is the best and most immediate way to give a newer, fresher look to a space.


It is almost impossible to think of sunny and relaxing summer days without envisioning these two colours. They still remain perfect and timeless to use in both nautical and French farmhouse style interiors however, when used in delicate hues and shades, they turn out to be the perfect paint colour for modern, airy and bright villas by the ocean.


Summertime is about unwinding and having a carefree approach to life, something that people who move to or buy a house in Fuerteventura are looking for. Using colours like orange and yellow in your home decoration can help you feeling happier, uplifted and also more energized to settle into your new life in the Canary Islands. The brighter and more vivid a colour, the more optimistic you'll feel. These intense, warm colours are also typical of southern Italian style houses or exotic Mexican interiors.


As warm minimalism and Nordic minimalism both keep on being big interior décor trends that promote essentiality and emotional well-being, natural colours will be a great option especially if your house features materials, furniture and decorations like: untreated wood, ceramics, linen fabrics, matt finish furniture and stones. The perfect colour palette to decorate a peaceful Ibizan or Mediterranean style villa like this one in Villaverde (La Oliva, Fuerteventura).

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You can paint your house completely in white and still create interesting textures and contrasts using white in all of its infinite shades. Cream whites, brown whites, vanilla whites and rice whites are only a few of the many possible combination to create an interior design that reminds of big open spaces, japandi style and Scandinavian interiors. An interior designer in Fuerteventura can help you choose and decline different shades of white on furniture, curtains, textiles, floors and walls to create an harmonious and balanced living space.

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If you don't like neutral colours but still want to make a connection between nature and your home, earthy tones like olive green and moss green will be popular and seen on sofas, armchairs, kitchen and living room walls. The intensity of these colours is ideal to decorate modern living spaces with a retro style flavour.


Depending on the interior architecture of your house, you can consider using extremely vivid, saturated colours like pink, turquoise, yellow, red and purple to decorate and remodel a home that feels positively charged, dynamic, fresh and full of vitality. The perfect tones for a modern, pop avant-garde home design.


There is nothing better than pastel and powdery colours to create an elegant, contemporary interior design. Violet, Caledon blue, peach and cool cocoa will be the colours to make of your holiday home or apartment in Fuerteventura a calming and stylish place to spend your summer.

For a successful home decoration it is important to create the best colour palette according to the design of the space. Noogar can offer you the assistance of an experienced interior decorator who can design and decorate your house in Fuerteventura and also take charge of the whole renovation and remodelling process.

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