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Top Professional Tips to Decorate your Home

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Are you wondering how to start planning your home renovation in Fuerteventura? Our interior designer gives you 6 tips to decorate and create an elegant and functional interior design style where colors, furniture and budget are all balanced.

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We all know what an interior designer does but when our clients call us for the first time to get more information on how to decorate their home in Fuerteventura, they are always surprised by the amount of details and things to consider before starting a home renovation and interior design project. Our job is much more than choosing colours, buying stylish decorations, and placing furniture in the right spot. For this reason, we have decided to share with you some of the most important tips to decorate your home, things we learned directly from our experience with clients on different projects.

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1. Choose the Interior Design Style

An interior designer knows there are many organizational and technical things to think of but in the end, it is all about style and creating a beautiful, functional, and comfortable living space. What is your favourite interior design style? It is not an easy question to answer, especially for couples because they both need to share the same vision. One advice we can give you is to send pictures from interior design blogs, magazines or even Pinterest and Instagram. Whatever you like is important to your interior designer to understand what your priorities are. Your home interior design should reflect your personality and feelings so ask yourself what you would like your home to tell about yourself. It may be elegant, modern, minimal, traditional, colourful or a balanced mix of two different styles. You will be shown different mood boards or a 3D render of your home so that you can see the vision based of your specific taste. This will help with choosing the perfect colours, furniture and plan the home design accordingly.

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2. Understand What You Do Not Like.

This step is a continuation of the first and a particularly important one because it implies being honest with your interior designer. You should tell from the very beginning what you do not like. It can be a colour for the living room walls that evokes bad memories or a piece of furniture that reminds you of a previous place you lived in and just could not tolerate. Taste is something very personal but once you say what you do not like and won’t compromise in terms of style, the interior designer will only show you design and decorative options that suits your style. Sometimes the layout and space of your home can limit you in terms of choices and it is easier for clients to say what they do not like but do not worry, a professional interior designer can add value to the space, give it a purpose and most of all transforming the things you do not like into a new and exciting part of your interior décor.

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3. Respect your Home Space

One of the many things we learned while managing a home renovation for our clients in Fuerteventura is the importance of planning the space. You need to be careful about this part of the process, making sure the space can accommodate the vision of your home and planning the many details involved in a full home renovation. It is a stressful journey but with the right planning you can have total piece of mind while your dream home is prepared. Depending on your budget, an interior designer can advise you on what areas of your home you should focus on, if the space is big enough for a kitchen island, if the sofa and dining table are too big and how to create and indoor/outdoor living space. It is all about balance, symmetries, and proportions but no matter how big or small your home is, the potential is only hidden and waiting to be revealed.

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4. Colour Sampling

It may seem like a fun part to choose the colours for your home’s walls, and to be honest with you it is. However, colour has such a big influence both on the aesthetic of your home and your mood. Your interior designer should test colours and show you samples to avoid unpleasant surprises. Finding the specific shade is not easy because the colour you see on the wall is affected by many different factors such as natural light, exposure to light, wall finishing and also the surrounding of your home (for example the sky or vegetation) as the light will reflect those colours on your walls. Testing colours is fun but you should really be careful and take your time before painting a wall because a specific colour may work in a specific interior or be beautiful to look at but won’t necessarily work in your home.

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5. Decorating on a Budget

In the world of beautiful interiors where big open spaces, exclusive home decorations, leather chairs, natural wood tables, huge TVs and velvet sofas seem to dominate, it may seem difficult to decorate on a budget but this is just another reason why you should consider hiring a professional interior designer. It is important to have someone who handles your budget and plan the furniture and home décor shopping because you will avoid spending just too much money on one or two items. For example, the sofa is something most clients do not mind spending more money on but when you are on a budget, how can you make sure to finish your home before money runs out? An interior designers will not only make sure to order, or even custom made, a unique and special sofa for you, he will do so by knowing in advance what the other priorities are, constantly budgeting to achieve the final result: a home style that does not feel disjointed or messy just because you could not resist buying that expensive sofa or table. Having one beautiful item in your home does not mean you need to compromise on everything else and this is how an interior designer can save you time and money.

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6. Start from the Floor

Depending on the type of floor your have (wood, ceramic, micro cement, tiles, carpet) you can decide on different interior design styles for your home in Fuerteventura. Clients do not always understand how the floor deeply affects the style of a room. Examining your floor, or considering a new floor before the renovation starts, can make it easier to opt for the best style from bohemian and modern to retro and industrial style. Your interior designer will then make sure not to mix materials, shapes or furniture that simply do not match well with the floor and the home vibe. It is not a problem if you cannot change the floor, you can address your attention on the colour of the walls, curtains and lamps to make sure the room feels beautiful and tells a story within the whole home interior design.

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We hope you found these tips helpful and if you need help or guidance, our interior design studio in Fuerteventura can offer you endless choices in terms of interior design, home styling and renovations. Contact us for a free consultation.

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