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Tips to improve your productivity while working from home in a nicely designed and decorated space.

Working remotely from the Canary Islands is the best way to balance and enjoy your work/life schedule. Whether you are a digital nomad in Fuerteventura or someone who is now working from home, you may have discovered the importance to work in a comfortable, well organized and also nicely decorated home office. Discover some tips to improve you smartworking experience and how to organize your working space.

Working remotely in Fuerteventura is a dream for many people. During the pandemic, many of us experienced the advantages and disadvantages of working from home. Employees working from home have been shown to be much more efficient and more satisfied. They can plan a working day according to their schedule, they experience less stress and work in an environment that is close and personal to them. They discovered that working from home means creating a space that is quiet, private and nicely designed and decorated.

Why communities of digital nomads are flying to the Canary Islands? The answer is easy: Fuerteventura, for example, is an amazing destination with a pleasant climate for digital nomadism and working from home. If you avoid coffee shops, coworking spaces and if you have decided to stay here for a while, it’s time to create a perfect home office. However, creating a place to focus is not as easy as it might seem. Efficiency matters the most but it is influenced by the environment in which you work at home.

Plenty of Storage Space

In addition to a fast Wi-Fi connection, it is necessary to focus on the choice of furniture for long-term work from home. Start creating your personal work space by thinking of storage solutions. What do you need to store? Have you got a printer? Do you use many folders? Make sure you have cabinet or drawers to store your things, so your mess won't be visible and the energy will flow. A great accessory to keep your home working day organized is a pegboard, a pleasant and useful decorative accessory.

The Importance of the Office Chair

The office chair should have a raised backrest, a head and arm support and a firm lumbar support. It must be able to adjust to your spine in any position. Although it will be difficult and you will be tempted, it is best not working on the sofa or bed. It will lower your self-discipline and possibly you may risk falling asleep and miss a conference call.

Avoid a Messy Desk

Home office desks should be as spacious as possible. Whether you are working with a laptop or not, give yourself plenty of space to keep your work organized and comfortable. Remember to keep the table clean and well organized. Clutter on the table can distract you.

Good lighting in your workplace

Poor lighting can make you tired, damage your eyes, and even worsen your mood. When working at a computer, you should be able to see the screen properly, without any reflection in it coming from the window or lamps. Natural light will be your best ally, just use adequate blinds and curtains to create the best lighting condition for your home office.

Beauty in the details

Complete the atmosphere with plants. Decorating with plants will bring peace to your office, where there is often more stress than elsewhere. Choose nice pots to create a more fun, colourful and pleasant work space and if you do not have a green thumb, opt for plants that do not require much care.


The Final Touch

Paintings are timeless solution to add beauty and personality to your office walls. When choosing a painting consider the style and the colour of the artwork, how does it make you feel? It is also important to keep in mind the interior design style of your home office, is it modern, scandi, bohemian or nordic? In any case, if you are used to many online Zoom meetings or conference calls, a beautiful painting is a definitely better alternative to the virtual backdrop.

There are many ideas and solutions to design and decorate your home office space but the most important thing is to understand your own specific needs, space, lighting and working hours. The idea of a digital nomad working all day on the beach is nice and at times manageable but there will be moments when you will need a professional, highly organized working space. An interior designer can help you increase your home office productivity and create a modern office design where to work comfortably, at your own pace and surrounded by the positive vibes of a balanced interior decoration. Contact Us today for a free consultation.

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