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How to make a bathroom look stylish? Tips for furnishings and decorating a small bathroom.

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

The bathroom is the sanctuary of any home and if you are planning on renovating your small bathroom in Fuerteventura, there are a few important things you should consider that will affect both your bathroom design and functionality. Our interior designer shares some tips to make a small bathroom look bigger with the right furniture, colours and decoration because no matter the size, there is always the potential to transform and improve a space. At the end of the blog post, you will also find a before and after video of a small bathroom that our interior design studio completely refurbished in Corralejo.

1 - Functionality.

When you refurbish a small bathroom you want to use the space as much as you can and of course, you want to make it look bigger. The best thing to do is designing some niches in the walls and custom made bathroom furniture or cabinets to keep your items in order. This will also create a clean, minimalist bathroom style and the space won't look cluttered. The easiest trick to make a bathroom look bigger is using light colours for the tiles and coatings. You want the bathroom to be illuminated as much as possible to eliminate that claustrophobic feeling of old, dated bathrooms.

2 - Big Tiles, Small Bathroom Fixtures.

Just because a bathroom is small does not mean you cannot dream big. Using big tiles on the floor will create a visual illusion and make the space feel more open. You can also use big tiles to cover the bathroom walls to obtain the same effect. If you want to introduce darker colours, then do it with the floor tiles because the wall tiles should reflect natural light as much as possible. Complete the decoration with a big bathroom mirror.

When it comes to remodelling a bathroom, keeping the wc, sink, and shower in the same place will definitely be more cost effective for your budget. Bathroom fixtures like sinks or bidets should be small because they are not visually pleasing in a small bathroom. A small, white, round sink for example will result elegant and modern.

3 - Bathtub or Shower.

This is the million dollar question but the answer is to be found in the size and shape of your bathroom. Showering in a bathtub is not only less functional but as you know, a bathtub takes too much space and in a small bathroom this is a problem. Even if you can fit a bathtub, it won't be long enough to properly lie down and bathe so it will result uncomfortable.

I always suggest my clients to remove the bathtub or old shower and keep the space open using a shower screen and designing a walk-in shower at floor level. It is definitely a great trick to feel in a small yet flowing space.

4 - Colourful Tiles.

Even if the bathroom is small, another decorative tip to make it a beautiful space is creating a statement wall. You can paint a wall in a bold colour but colourful tiles are even better. They last longer, make it easier to clean the bathroom surfaces and they keep humidity from spreading. An interior designer can assist you in finding the best tile size, colour and most importantly the perfect geometric pattern to use when placing them on the wall.

5 - Bathroom Lighting.

The importance of natural light is something that can be applied to every room of your home but it becomes vital in a small bathroom. When renovating a bathroom, it is almost mandatory to change the small window for a bigger one but if this is not possible, you can add value and style around it using a custom made curtain or covering the wall around it with handmade tiles.

Depending on the natural light available, you can choose spotlights and lamps to direct the focus on some specific areas in the bathroom, especially the sink area.

Before and After - Bathroom Renovation.

Are you wondering how your small bathroom in Fuerteventura could be? Working on an interior design project of a villa in Corralejo, I had the chance to refurbish a small sized bathroom and decorate it in a completely different way. It was out of style and desperately needed a new and more functional design.

bathroom renovation in Corralejo, Fuerteventura

After the full renovation, the result was impressive considering the space. A new sink, marble tiles, turquoise artisanal shower tiles and a golden faucet are only a few of the elements that make of this bathroom a beautiful, modern and open space. You can see the whole project here.

Our interior design studio in Fuerteventura can offer you professional interior design services to design, renovate and decorate your bathroom. Our interior designer can deal with and manage every step of the project so that you won't have to stress. We work all over Fuerteventura from La Oliva and Lajares to Puerto del Rosario and Morro Jable.

Contact Us for a free quotation.

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