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Tips on How To Live Through a Home Renovation

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Renovating your property in Fuerteventura can be a stressful experience, especially if you do not live here. Whether you are considering to fully renovate your home or expanding your kitchen, we give you some precious tips to survive a home renovation and make it a happy experience.

When thinking about a home renovation, some people already start feeling stressed. The dust, the noise and the mess are enough to almost make you want to forget about it and keep your home interior the way it is. It is a particularly challenging process, full of unexpected surprises, delays and yes, a lot of dust. However, if you see it as a positive challenge you will be rewarded with a dream home interior design that will allow you to fully enjoy your life at home. If you don’t lose sight of the end result in the midst of chaos, a home renovation can be exciting and one of the best thing you could have done to add value and comfort to your property. These are our tips of the things to consider before starting a renovation so that you can prepare it and enjoy it.

1 – Move out or Create a Clean Space

The best thing you can do is to move out from your home during the renovation. You can take it as a short holiday and rent a place in Fuerteventura where to completely relax while your home is being renovated and decorated. Another option could be renting a place nearby the property so that you can check on the progress with the renovation company.

If moving out is not an option, to not affect your budget the most sensible option would be creating a clean space in one of the available rooms. This will be your safe place away from the dust and the noise, a place to keep your sanity. Organise the room with the essentials: a bed, a tv or laptop to watch Netflix, enough clothes for a week and toiletries. After a day at work, the last thing you want to do is to think about the work in progress taking place at home. Just go straight to your room, relax, and do not think about it.

2 – Packing and Declutter

If you have just bought a home in Fuerteventura and it is empty, you do not need to consider this tip. However, if you are moving from a property to another it is important to store unnecessary things in boxes and keep them away during the renovation. First, you do not want your belongings to be in the way of the builders, carpenters, and painters who will be working daily at your home. Second, you want to keep the important things safe and take this change to declutter your home. After all, you are going through a renovation because you want a better place to live so, what better chance to finally get rid of the old, unnecessary furniture, decorations, cushions, bed sheets, objects, and countless useless things you have been accumulating?

3 – Find an Interior Designer if you cannot make it alone

A professional interior design studio can take care of your home renovation, interior décor, furnishing and so much more to truly make the whole experience easy and stress-free. There are so many things to consider, starting with the space planning and going through countless meetings with the renovation company. Especially if you do not live here, having an interior designer in Fuerteventura can be a transformative experience because not only you will have an expert to plan the design and decoration of your property in terms of style before the renovation begins; you will have a trusted person who can handle and advise you on the budget and be in charge of the renovation every step of the way, making sure deadlines are met, furniture is delivered at a specific time and that your house is clean and well presented for your first visit.

4 – Plan a Schedule with the renovation company

Finding a professional home renovating company that you can really trust is essential. As with your interior designer, it is important to plan a schedule, explain your expectations, and create a work schedule with specific deadlines for specific rooms. You need to ask questions, do not be afraid of that, even if constructions and home renovations are not your field of expertise. After all, we are talking about your house and if you are not happy about something, mention it so that they can fix the problem before it is too late. Give priority to the kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation immediately if you plan to move into the property as soon as possible. Once you have a place to eat and take a shower, you can temporarily live in the property during the renovation in the clean space we talked about before.

5 - Accept the Process

The interior designer the renovation company, or both, can help you tremendously. However, do not forget that a home renovation is a process. There will be time when things do not go as planned but do not panic, having a professional help means alternative solutions will be explored and found so that you will not have to worry. Take a deep breath and instead of focusing on the negative, celebrate the small progress and achievements. Celebrate a wall that has finally been painted in your favourite colour, a custom-made furniture that has been delivered, or the new open plan kitchen you have always dreamed of. Your new interior design is coming to life, little by little, in front of your eyes. Things cannot be predicted, but with a good planning you will survive the obstacles along the way.

6 – Dust and Cleaning

Finally, the evil enemy called dust. While it is important to use dust covers to protect your furniture, it is literally impossible to prevent dust from entering every room. Home renovations are messy, accept it and deal with it. It is pointless to constantly clean during the renovation, you will not win against dust. An option could be cleaning during the weekends while the workers are not there, especially if you live in the property. In any case, do not stress too much about it, once the renovation is completed, you can book a professional cleaning service to wash the floors, windows, bathrooms and dust each and every corner of the property.

Your home renovation in Fuerteventura can be a beautiful experience, if you accept the process and plan every step and alternative solutions beforehand.

Follow our tips or if you are looking for an interior designer to take care of the design, interior decoration and follow the renovation on your behalf, Contact us today for a free consultation.

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