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The Most Important things to consider when you build a Villa in Fuerteventura.

Buying a property in Fuerteventura is a dream for many people but if you know exactly what you want, the best decision you can make is to design and build your custom home the way you always dreamed of. Building a home from zero is not an easy process, especially if you buy a property abroad like in the Canary Islands. Discover the benefits of having a custom designed home and what you should consider before buying a plot of land.

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The process of building a villa is long, time-consuming, and can be exhausting especially if you do not live in Fuerteventura. You need to find a plot of land where building is permitted, you need to wait for planning permission and go through endless paperwork and approvals before you can even start constructing your dream home. What about water and electricity? How many square meters can you build? Fortunately, the idea of building a villa in Lajares, Villaverde, La Oliva, Corralejo, Tindaya, Caleta de Fuste or El Cotillo will give you hope and the strength and patience to face the whole process.

Clients of our interior design and home décor services usually contact us as soon as they buy their home in Fuerteventura, even if their villa is still under construction. This gives us enough time to design custom-made furniture and make changes to the space to create a bigger and more functional living space according to the clients' specific needs and style. Therefore, whether you are building, renovating or planning on expanding your property, discover our personal tips:

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How much money are you willing to spend to design, build and decorate your villa in Fuerteventura? Having a clear idea of your budget will make you life and the one of the many people involved in the process easier. It is not easy to know from the very beginning how much you want to spend, let alone it is even harder to stick to a budget when you build a home. For this reason, whatever your budget, set aside a10% of it as a contingency fund because you never know could happen during the construction phase.

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Planning is an essential part of the process both before and during the construction of your villa. Time is money when you build a home therefore, having a detailed plan from your architect and from your interior designer will make the process easier. You will avoid spending extra money or waiting extra time because once the construction begins, changes and adjustments are expensive and they do take time. Once again, plan the size of the space you are building, the materials you want to use, your priorities and the purpose of the space and also decide on the furniture you are going to buy. The plan will be the foundation of your home and of your peace of mind.

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It is important to create a team of professional you can trust and communicate easily with. This is no different than finding the best real estate agency in Fuerteventura and trust them with the buying process. Building a home requires endless meetings, reviews, and adjustments so it is important to learn how to talk to people and tell them exactly how you want things to be done. A team usually includes an architect, an interior designer, a carpenter, a plumber and a constructor. It is important that everyone involved in the project is aware of every part of the schedule, of the plan of the villa and the overall vision. Working with the right professionals also mean staying away from people who promise you the works will be completed quickly and from people who present themselves as carpenters or kitchen designers, for example, but somehow they tell you they can also be your plumber or constructor and even designer. A professional always have a website, a portfolio, and does not try to sell you extra services that are not in their specific field of expertise.

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When there are many things and many people involved at the same time to build your villa, there are many decisions to take on a daily basis and this can be overwhelming, especially because interior designers and constructors speak "their own kind of language". The mistake many clients make is letting their constructor make strictly aesthetical and design related decisions that unfortunately will end up ruining the interior design style of their newly built or newly renovated home. They do not see the space from a design perspective therefore an interior designer will not only help you to design, decorate and furnish your property with beautiful furniture and decorations, he/she can cut costs and avoid expensive building mistakes that will ruin your home style.

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At Noogar you will find professional interior design and home decorating services in Fuerteventura that will exceed your expectations and that goes beyond simply designing and decorating the space. We work on a fixed rate (based on the type of work to be done) so you exactly know how much you are spending and if you are not in Fuerteventura, we can manage the home renovation and deal with the constructor and the team of professionals involved on your behalf. You will have someone who can keep your project moving forward and check on its progresses, someone who will take care of quotations, the budget, furniture deliveries and of course will make sure your villa will be designed and decorated according to your taste. Thanks to our list of suppliers, you can buy quality furniture in different price ranges and styles that you simply won't be able to find in Fuerteventura. Having an interior designer on your side while you build your villa means having someone who knows exactly what needs to be done on all fronts thus becoming a point of reference for you during the execution of the project.

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Just because you have done it before does not mean the experience will be the same and just because for you it is "common sense", it does not mean that it is for other people. Never assume anything while building your home, ask questions, tell exactly what you have in mind, how you want the kitchen or your swimming pool and even your curtains to look like. Do not leave anything to chance because chances are you will be disappointed and will have to spend more money to fix it. Of course, these are all things an interior designer can do for you. When we design a kitchen or an outdoor space for our clients we follow up on the process by looking at samples, materials and different options that can affect both style and the budget.

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While you design your home in Fuerteventura it is important to think about the furniture layout: where are you going to put the sofa and the TV? How many chairs and beds will you need? What about lamps, lighting and illumination? Does this mean electrical works need to be done? How many and how big the windows will be? These are all things that will affect the comfort of your villa, its style and once again, your budget because every decision taken at the wrong time will affect it. By designing the space, your interior designer will know and advice you on what furniture to buy and if a custom-made table, outdoor bench or storage unit will be a better solution. Studying the space is essential to create a welcoming and beautiful interior decoration, taking advantage of natural light and opening up the space as much as possible.

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Building a villa or home in Fuerteventura is possible and with the help of an experienced interior designer, the process can be easier than you think. Wouldn't it be great to have someone on your side who knows exactly what you want and who can make your vision become a reality?

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