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The importance of Storage Furniture for the Living Room and Bedroom.

There is never enough space in home and this is why it is important to choose the right storage furniture. If you want to save space and gain extra storage in your living room or bedroom without renouncing on style and quality, the time has come to think about design options or custom-made storage solutions for your home in the Canary Islands: sideboards, cabinets, drawers, bookcases and more to improve your interior decoration and the space distribution.

In my interior design and home decorating projects in Fuerteventura I have learned that no matter how big or small a bedroom or living room is, it is always good to add some extra space. We always end up having so many things that somehow we can't get rid of and, when we buy a new house or move to a new property in the Canary Islands, we need to find space to store these belongings. However, if you choose the right furniture, you can enjoy both the benefits of creating clever storage solutions and the benefits of keeping your living space as open as possible.

Among the storage furniture we find cabinets, an elegant solution to protect our favourite objects or to display accessories such as plates and decorative handmade objects such as vases and crystal glasses. They often have glass drawers and doors but they are also available in more modern styles, such as industrial-style. Think of iron or wood cabinets, without doors, to create a more rustic, natural look for your home.

Sideboards are another way to store things in a practical way. In addition to being one of the best pieces of furniture to keep things organized, they are versatile since they can be used both as a TV unit and also as a base to display photographs, decorations, statues and decorative vases. In short, the beauty of the furniture is complemented by decorative objects that will enhance its style. They can be found in teak, mango or pine wood depending on the retro or contemporary influence of their design.

Would you like your bedroom décor to look better? The right sideboard is your best option to completely your bedroom styling. A much better solution than hiding things under the bed. A designer sideboard is made to last for a long time, that's why it's important not to compromise on quality when buying a piece of furniture. Storage and style can go hand in hand.

If you are a book fanatic or collector, a bookcase could be right option for you because you can use and take advantage of the space in a vertical way. Even wooden shelves could be a very elegant and timeless solution to decorate your home. They have a charm that will never fade away and they will look great in a rustic or bohemian style home.

I believe that design storage furniture can really transform and elevate the whole interior design of a home and an online interior designer in the Canary Islands can help you study the space and give you access to exclusive furniture in Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Palma.

Quality furniture, made to last over time and with an attractive design so that you can decorate your home in different styles: modern, Nordic, rustic, contemporary, minimalist, Scandinavian, bohemian and more.

Noogar can help you design and decorate your home in the Canary Islands with our online interior décor services. Furniture, 3D renderings, moodboards, and the assistance of a professional interior decorator to properly furnish your space the way you've always wanted.

Contact us for a free quotation.

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