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Curves and Round Shapes: why furniture design and interior architecture love circular lines.

They never really disappeared but in 2021 we have seen a comeback of curves, circles, arches and round shapes in the world of interior design and decorating. From sofas to armchairs and from staircases to architectural features, discover how round shapes can bring a sense of continuity and peace of mind to your home design and home décor in Fuerteventura.

Any interior designer or architect would tell you that when designing a home, the purpose is to create a space where, as soon as you walk in, you feel an energy that flows through each and every room. The best option you have to create this feeling is using round shapes because they contribute to a balanced, welcoming and relaxing aesthetic. Let's discover how "circular décor" and curved shapes can improve both your home style and wellbeing at the same time.

From an architectural point of view, round shapes and circles are stylish, elegant and help create a cohesive interior design that may also include round decorative objects or furniture. The beauty of it is that, together with natural elements, curvilinear shapes mimic the shapes found in nature such as leaves, plants and animals. Organic shapes also help creating a calming and flowing atmosphere where all the sharp lines and edges (typical of most houses) are softened. For example, arches in both architecture and furniture design give a sense of continuity and peace of mind.

Energetically, round shapes contribute to a happy home according to many psychologists because of their inner mystical significance. Circles emanate reassurance, security and similarity to the earth, Sun and Moon. They promote unity, protection and guide us to a more complete version of ourselves. They also feel less threatening and make the space feel more welcoming because our brain is programmed to associate sharp angles with danger and triangles to anger while circles are innately associated to happiness.

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Circular shapes are also functional because they open up the space and make it more comfortable and suitable for spending quality time with your friends and family. Think about a round shaped sofa, carpet, coffee table or armchair and the inclusivity factor they bring to the interior decoration.

This philosophy or interior design trend is known as Bold. Actually, more than a trend it is a rediscovery of the 60s and 70s round shaped furniture. Using sinuous furniture or decorative objects with curves it is possible to create a living room that feels open, bigger and more pleasant to the eye. It is also a way to stay in touch with nature and its imperfect yet unique shapes that add a layer of softness and personality to the sharp edges of a space.

If you are into Feng Shui, you already know how curved home decorations are essential for our emotional wellbeing. The “chi” (energy of life) enters through the front door, so it should always be clean and without any blocking furniture that prevent the ‘chi’ from flowing freely into the house. Arches, plants and natural materials like bamboo or wood add to this flow of tranquillity.

If classic minimalism is all about straight lines and symmetries, this new trend of designing and decorating with curved and rounded shapes is all about feeling safe and comfortable at home. It is not surprising that especially during the long time we have been forced to spend at home due to Covid, the need for a softer, calmer home environment found its ally in circular shapes and curved furniture.

There is no need to refurbish your house in Fuerteventura to create a softer interior design. The best tip to decorate with circular décor is adding a small circular decorative piece into any of your rooms. A small mirror in your bathroom or a round carpet in your bedroom will immediately transform the seriousness of the space, adding a playful element to your home décor. We tend to associate circle with balls and for this reason, in our interior design project for a Coworking and Coliving space in Corralejo, we designed circular decorative shelves to add a fun accent in a professional working environment.

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Do you need to design, furnish and decorate your house in Fuerteventura? Our interior designer can manage and follow the whole project from renovation to the final interior styling so that you won't have to worry about anything.

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