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Reasons to Decorate with Earthy Tones: discover the benefits of using a warm colour palette.

There is nothing boring about using earthy tones and colours to decorate your home. These colours are available in both extremely soft and intense tones and are perfect to create warm and welcoming spaces. The secret of their popularity? Earthy tones connect us directly to nature, natural materials and a slow-paced life. Discover how to decorate your home in Fuerteventura with one of the most popular interior design trends of 2022: a earthy colour palette.


They are by far the best colours to create an interior design that is inspired by and seeks a connection to nature. Earthy colours can help you relax and are perfect to decorate a bedroom. The connection to nature can also be achieved using handmade crafts, artworks, terracotta vases and natural materials throughout the living space.


People tend to associate earthy tones with beige and brown when in reality they range from deep tones of red and orange to more delicate options like yellow, peach and pink. With such a wide range, you can create a personal and unique colour palette.


Decorating a bedroom with earthy tones is the best idea if you want to sleep in a peaceful and serene space. In this interior design project in Caleta De Fuste, I used intense earthy shades of colours and played with textiles and textures to design a quiet and comfortable bedroom full of natural materials and wooden furniture.

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It is possible to use an earthy colour palette in each and every room of your home. An interior decorator can assist you in balancing every tone and every decorative piece in a way that will make your space look both natural and modern in design. You can use a soft colour as a base for your walls and then add wooden features in deeper shades of brown and red. You can complete the total look with textiles in neutral colours.


A beautiful space is usually created with beautiful contrasts. Any interior designer will tell you about the importance of creating juxtapositions between colours, shapes and sizes. With earthy colours, you can create impressive contrasts between yellow and other sandy colours or between brown leather sofas and orange walls for example.


One of the most beneficial things about decorating with an earthy colour palette is that these colours easily combine with different interior design styles. Modern Rustic, Industrial, Hygge, Scandinavian and more. No matter your home accessories or the lines and design of your furniture, this colour palette is highly adaptable to most interiors.


If you feel like daring and use the deepest and darkest tones, you can still give a touch of playfulness using metallic elements, gold or copper in your interior decoration. Needless to say, darker colours are best suited for big living rooms and outdoor spaces.


There is something magical about using earthy colours in the kitchen or bathroom décor. They immediately convey a rustic and ethnical vibe that makes the space feel welcoming and full of personality. These are also the rooms where it can be fun to experiment with interesting architectural and design features during a renovation to truly express the earthy colours' impacting and vibrant personalities.


You can make your space look bigger using light earthy colours that promote serenity and highlight the other elements of your interior décor. Earthy colours also add a new layer (a visual depth actually) to your whole home interior design and using the same colour palette on walls, curtains and upholstery is a good way to create natural, balanced and interesting living spaces.

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Our interior design services in Fuerteventura can assist you in designing and decorating your property offering you a turnkey interior design service where we can manage the whole project from the home renovation to the final decoration.

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