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How to Design the perfect Pool for your villa in the Canary Islands? Discover the latest pool trends

Every home needs a specific pool that would be both aesthetically pleasing and functional to fully enjoy your outdoor space. If you have a villa with pool in Fuerteventura and you need to design your terrace or patio, our interior design studio tells you the latest pool ideas for a beautiful and comfortable outdoor living. Glass pool, infinity pool, backlit pool... What is your favourite pool?

Glass Pool.

If your outdoor space has a limited size, a glass pool is the perfect choice to give the terrace a feeling of spaciousness. Also, a glass pool is highly durable, resistant, and waterproof. Your outdoor design will result clean, modern, contemporary and immediately impactful. When you design a pool, you need to consider the weight of the water but, in this case, you do not have to worry since the weight will all rest on the underground hidden structure of the pool.

Colourful Pool.

Are you tired of the same old blue swimming pool? An interior designer can help you design and decorate your outdoor space including designing a pool in a unique colour. The only way you can give colour to a pool is by using tiles on the walls and bottom, therefore choices are endless. Darker colours create the optical effect of a greater depth while brighter colours will create a modern swimming pool design. We love using blue because it makes you feel like in a lagoon, especially if the pool edges are curved but, since the water temperature is important in Fuerteventura, darker colours will help you retain the heat more efficiently. A stylish heated pool.

Infinity Pool.

This is probably clients' favourite type of pool and also a trend that would not go away anytime soon but of course, it is mandatory to have a villa in a location with height where you can enjoy the views of the island. If you have a villa on the Villaverde hills, in La Oliva, on the Caleta de Fuste hill or even a villa in Lajares with a view towards the volcano, the experience of having an infinity pool will be exceptional, especially if it is constructed at ground level and if it imperceptibly overflows around the edges. The mirror-pool effect is guaranteed.

Lighted Pools.

The perfect lighting design will add personality and a new dimension to your pool in Fuerteventura. When you spend time in a terrace or garden at night, the pool lights are what create a pleasant atmosphere and a wonderful outdoor design. It is all about size, intensity and most importantly the way you decide to place the LED bulbs.

When we design and decorate a villa with pool for our clients, it is important to decide on the outdoor light design from the very beginning of the project, before the outdoor renovation begins. An interior designer knows the importance of lighting and how it affects the whole interior and outdoor decoration.

Curved Shapes.

Having a pool with curved shapes is becoming a popular trend for two reasons: these pools remind of the glamorous 50's aesthetic adding a touch of retro style to your outdoor design and, they provide a more balanced, soft, and harmonious design. This does not mean rectangular pools are disappearing. However, circles and curves are associated with tranquillity and that is all you want from a relaxing day by the pool. From an architectural point of view, curved shapes allow more freedom as you design your home and pool in Fuerteventura.

Spa-like Pool.

Designing a wellness area at home is becoming a popular demand in many interior design projects. An area that includes waterfalls, sauna and a Turkish bath. Whether you are renting your villa in Fuerteventura or own a property in the Canary Islands, having these relaxing amenities available to you at home, in the outdoor pool area, will provide endless well-being for your guests or your family and friends. The perfect choice for a luxury villa.

We recently designed different outdoor spaces for different types of villas in Casilla de Costa, Villaverde. In each and every project, the outdoor pool area had to be completely designed and decorated and our interior designer created different outdoor styles, according to the client's needs, that also included custom-made and custom designed furniture and features, to make the most out of a sunny terrace, patio or garden in Fuerteventura. Villas with a modern, Scandinavian or Mediterranean style outdoor. Click here to discover our interior design projects in Fuerteventura.

If you need to refurbish, design and decorate your outdoor space, our interior design services can assist you during the whole project. Your villa with pool in Fuerteventura can be designed according to your specific needs and style. We can manage the whole home renovation, offer you different design options and find exclusive outdoor designer furniture to decorate your villa.

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