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How to plan and design an open plan kitchen and living room

Open plan kitchens and living rooms have become a popular option in people’s homes. It is a way to achieve a modern interior design that reminds of a loft space to create a more sociable and flowing atmosphere. To give you an idea, we show you an open plan kitchen that our interior design studio designed and decorated in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. Ready to discover how your home could be with an open plan living space?

The idea of an open plan kitchen is to have a multifunctional space for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you are cooking dinner in the kitchen, reading a book on the sofa, or working on the dining table each person will feel part of the same room. Planning a home renovation is essential to design a custom-made open plan kitchen and an interior designer can assist you both with the design and decoration. You need the eye of an expert to help you create a space that is not only beautiful but most importantly functional.

In this apartment in Corralejo, we decided to design a modern kitchen that includes a kitchen island to have two separate places: one where to cook and place all the appliances and another, the kitchen island, where to sit on high stools and have breakfast or a pre-dinner glass of wine. During the design process, it is important to decide on the lighting sources and the flooring. Our personal choice would be to have the same type of floor across the whole space to have a homogeneous look, but you could also have two different types of flooring to separate the space.

We placed the dining table next to the kitchen to make it easier to serve food and to take advantage of the natural light coming through the windows. The sofa is placed opposite the dining area to create a separate space where to watch tv and next to it, we created a comfortable corner with an armchair and bookshelf. The open kitchen remains the heart of the living room, the place where you can observe the whole space and it is the first area that welcomes you upon entering the living room.

It was a smooth process for us to design this kitchen and living room starting from a 3D render of the home that allowed both the clients and us to see the space without walls, completely open and ready to be used in a flowing and functional way. Furniture has been placed carefully to take advantage of the space and the modern kitchen design is combined throughout the living room décor with retro style pieces.

Would you like an open plan kitchen for your home in Fuerteventura? Our interior designer can manage your kitchen renovation or home renovation and offer you all the professional services to complete the interior design of your property with the perfect furniture, materials, and home decorations. From A to Z.

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