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The New Industrial Style: the iconic interior design style will be more elegant and modern in 2022.

Among the many interior design trends of this year we find one that is not actually new but it's a reinvention of the industrial design. Discover the "New Industrial" and how to decorate your home with a style that, in essence, is the same as its traditional version with the addition of modern furniture and a touch of colour.

There are distinctive design and decorative elements that make industrial style instantly recognizable: concrete floors, exposed bricks on the walls, reclaimed wood, metal and glass furniture and exposed beams.

Inspired by the conversion of abandoned factories into living spaces, this style originated in the New York City of the 50's and soon influenced the interior design world thanks to its focus on spacious living rooms, high ceilings, large windows and the unique personality that an open plan loft-style space is able to emanate.

What is new about this style in 2022? If industrial chic proved to be the perfect fusion of design elements, interior architecture and retro furniture, the New Industrial Style is all about the discovery of a softer colour palette and the contamination of your interior décor with modern touches. A style that is often synonymous of masculinity and big spaces, finds a new way of expression to create an elegant, welcoming and breathtakingly charming interior design for your home.


  • Use vibrant and energetic colours like white, terracotta or off-white colours like cream, ivory and vanilla. In this way you will add modernity and luminosity to your industrial décor that is usually associated with darker tones.

  • Using white as a base colour, will make your industrial space look bigger and it will also be easier to add touches of colours through furniture and textiles.

  • The essence is the same: in a New Industrial home you will find well-known industrial materials like wood, iron, steel and leather but in a different style. Use lighter wood to wink at Nordic minimalism, colourful steel elements for the kitchen and bathroom and leather pieces that won't look too rustic.

  • A living space full of natural light is an essential feature of the industrial style therefore, if your house doesn't have big windows, a soft and neutral colour palette will enhance the amount of light you are exposed to during the day. If you decide to refurbish and design your house, make sure your interior designer opens the space as much as possible with large windows.

  • The beauty of the interior architecture of an industrial space lies in the accentuation of exposed features like beams, pillars and pipes. Maintaining these architectural elements visible is the only way to keep the essence of an industrial home alive and in tune with the new, more modern interpretation of the style.

  • Concrete floors are quintessentially industrial but you can also use cement to cover and create smooth surfaces that will contrast with the whiter and more colourful elements of the interior decoration.

  • When it comes to industrial style furniture you do not need to say goodbye to iconic pieces like the Chesterfield sofa, leather armchairs, metal lamps, stools and rustic wood tables. However, you should buy furniture with simpler lines and in brighter colours that are still inspired by and pay tribute to industrial design.

A professional interior designer in Fuerteventura can help you refurbish, design and decorate your apartment or villa with a unique style and exclusive furniture and home decorations. Especially if you don't live on the island, the assistance of an interior decorator who can take care of the whole project will be invaluable to finally see your holiday home in the Canary Islands completed.

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