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Natural elements and Craftsmanship

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

An interior design that focuses on the simplicity and uniqueness of nature, handmade pieces and sustainability.

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Natural elements and artesanal crafts are becoming more and more predominant in the interior design world this year. I am not surprised, actually I am quite happy as an interior designer, to see handmade pieces and unique decorative crafts as the protagonist of a home décor. Using furniture and crafts made of naturally sourced materials means your home will not only become more ethical and sustainable, it will also be influenced by a simple yet effective reinterpretation of a contemporary and modern home style.

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Fuerteventura and nature in general have a big influence on my work, therefore the fact that nature is claiming back its power on home interiors is very exciting for me. Within nature there are endless possibilities and it's the same for your interior decorating choices; from rattan, jute, bamboo and hemp to terracotta, your eco-friendly home will emanate a fresh and warm vibe. Home accessories like rugs, chairs, lamps and baskets are included according to a colour palette that favours earthly colours to connect you with the richness of nature.

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Modern interior decorating with natural materials and crafts promises to create a comfortable and aesthetically appealing living space, full of personality and style. For example, rattan is a material that is no longer exclusively used for your outdoor décor, it will also make its way through the dining room and bedroom. With its beautiful pale yellow wooden strings and a rare elegance and ability to blend in any room, rattan brings authenticity and warmth to your interior décor and pieces of furniture like a armchair, a sofa, a headboard or an elaborate pendant for your interior lighting.

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Another material back in fashion is wickerwork and I think the reason is because behind the desire for handmade crafts, there is a desire for authentic and durable pieces. To make its functionality more modern, there are different home decorations and furnitures that present this material mixed with metal and wood. The end result is a contemporary and beautiful ethnic chic style for your interior design.

There is something quite magical yet essential in home interiors that present natural, organic and handmade elements. It’s like a return to origins and ultimately to nature. Just think of natural wood, ceramic and terracotta and how timeless and rustic they still are. A wooden table, a rattan lamp and a ceramic handmade pot or vase bring a natural influence within the walls of your home.

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This is one of the reasons why Noogar is always happy to find artesanal and handmade pieces for your home décor, especially if they are locally made in Fuerteventura. An essential and natural look for your home is possible, but not always simple to achieve. If you are looking for an interior decorator who would love to make your home special and unique (only like handmade furniture and decorations can be) Noogar is your personal interior stylist to count on for your next home decorating or renovating project.

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