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Modern Rustic Style

The charm of living in a traditional home in the #CanaryIslands designed with a modern approach.

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Are you one of the lucky ones who bought a traditional home in the Canary Islands? As an interior designer I know how the sound of the word “renovation” can be scary but, having a traditional home most likely means you have a few things to fix and this is where I can help you. We all fall in love with the charm of old, typical constructions without thinking about the practical side of it. Today I want to introduce you to what it may be the perfect interior design style if you decide to renovate a traditional home: #ModernRustic.

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This is a very exciting interior décor option that perfectly blends the antique features of your home with a more modern and contemporary design. A modern rustic home should present an open floor plan, modern furniture and exposed architectural elements. I personally love the stone and wood elements present in traditional Majorero homes in the Canary Islands. You should aim for an informal elegance for a comfortable modern living space.

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Usually, traditional homes have the luxury to come with a huge plot. Therefore, nature is all around you and you should make it part of your interior design. One thing you could do is to build big windows to let inside as much #NaturalLight as possible. It is important to preserve the original details of an old home like a stone wall or what is called “the fifth wall”, I’m talking about the ceiling. I love when the ceiling is covered with wood as it adds so much character to a living room or bedroom. 

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As for the interior décor, simple fabrics without any kind of prints is a very common choice in the modern rustic style. This simplicity is a common theme that also applies to furniture, meaning you should focus on natural and neutral pieces of furniture. Going natural means that you will be attracted to materials like linen, jute and sisal. I am not a big fan of cowhides, even though they are extremely durable and hard to stain even for a glass of red wine. If you are not a fan like me, you could decide for sheepskin that will make your interior feel cosy and soft (faux sheepskin of course).

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As I’ve said before, big windows are important as they are the link between modern and rustic home design. Windows become like a trademark element and an essential feature to showcase in a modern rustic home. The modern interpretation of the rustic interior design is achieved thanks to furniture. Keep it #contemporary, fun and even colourful if you want. Leather and wood are a perfect match especially because in a home like this, the colour palette is quite neutral. Colours are subdued and it is recommendable to keep your walls white or to cover them with natural materials like wood or stone.

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