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Modern Rustic Bedrooms: how to decorate a cosy bedroom with a rural yet modern accent.

There is nothing better than adding a rustic touch to a bedroom décor if you want to create an extremely authentic style. Discover how to balance the warmth and personality of rustic decorative elements with the functionality of modern design to make of your bedroom in Fuerteventura a welcoming, and comfortable, place to sleep and wake up to.


The essence of rustic style is its authenticity and the best way to incorporate it in a modern design is by simply using one or two of its distinguishing features like: exposed wooden beams, a bathtub in the master bedroom, built-in shelves and wooden floors. Once you decide which elements you want to use, it will be easy to add modern furniture in your bedroom and create a truly beautiful modern rustic style.


Sometimes the charming personality of a rustic home is found its distribution of the space and layout. For this reason, a great decorative elements you can use are artisanal ceramic tiles to partly cover the walls of your bedroom and clay tiles for the floor. In this way, you will respect the original characteristics of the space and, at the same time, decorating with handcrafted materials in strong colours will help you achieve that equilibrium between rural and modern.


Rustic home décor is not only about furniture, decorations and architectural features but, most importantly, it is about an idyllic view over the countryside, a forest, a mountain or any kind of natural landscape. If possible, when you design your home in Fuerteventura, make sure your bedroom has a view over the surrounding nature. In a recent renovation and interior design project in La Capellanía (Tamaragua) we made sure the master bedroom had floor to ceiling glass windows. We then decorated the space with neutral tones to be in tune with that feeling of peace and tranquillity that only nature can give.


It is becoming common to see rustic style apartments in big cities like Barcelona and Madrid, where interior designers understand how cosy a bedroom can be thanks to rustic elements. In the Canary Islands it can be easier to find rural properties with a rustic interior architecture but the point is, even if you live in a modern space, you can add personality with wooden doors, natural oak flooring and most importantly black metallic decorations like bedside lamps and window frames. A decorative element that immediately conveys the modern rustic aesthetic.


Wood is such an important element in modern rustic homes that sometimes it is present on both floors and ceilings. It is such an impacting feature that you can make a statement simply by using reclaimed wooden headboards and doors in your bedroom. It is the best way to add a rustic touch that promotes sustainability and that will add an extra layer of texture.


It is important to use natural materials and textiles when decorating a modern rustic bedroom. Adding handmade decorations and furniture that are locally sourced or created by local artists will enhance the focus on sustainability and complement textiles like linen and organic cotton that you can buy for your bedroom sheets and cushions. Also, an original artwork is a great way to add a touch of originality to the decoration.


Another famous rustic material that you can use in your bedroom design is stone. An entire stone wall will be impactful and will also remind of Mediterranean décor and the importance of creating a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Your interior designer can help you pick and mix the natural materials to use and most importantly what needs to be custom-designed. Your bedroom needs to be original and authentic but also functional.

If you need to design, refurbish and decorate your home or villa in Fuerteventura, our interior design and home décor services can assist you throughout the whole process. The experience and commitment of a professional interior designer will help you saving time and money while furnishing and decorating your property in Corralejo, Villaverde, Lajares, La Oliva, Tindaya, Caleta de Fuste, El Cotillo, Puerto Del Rosario.

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