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Minimalism VS Nordic Style: the differences between the two most popular interior design styles.

We often get confused between minimalism and Nordic style when it comes to decorating our home. Sometimes we interchange them but the truth is that despite the many similarities, there are fundamental differences that interior decorators usually play with and combine in order to create a unique interior design. This is everything you need to know to add the proper Nordic, or minimalist design touch to your home décor in Fuerteventura.

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If your priority is designing a space that promotes simplicity and practicality then minimalist design is what you were looking for. The beauty of minimalism lies in its calm and peacefully overwhelming aesthetic that never forgets about details, elegance and sophistication. Instead of focusing only on natural light and finding ways to incorporate nature into the living space the minimalist style is all about essentiality and the functionality of its furniture.

The other key element that sets apart minimalism and Nordic style is their origin. Minimalism was born out of a necessity: to rebel against the 1960's world of pop art and start introducing a new vision that would reduce lines and design to the essential much like the Japanese design does. Nordic style was born out of the necessity to feel closer to nature and as a wake up call to design more sustainable solutions for our home interiors.

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Minimalism is all about open spaces (living room, kitchen), conceptual design (spaces and furniture) and most importantly functionality of each and every element of the interior design. Clean lines are predominant and colours are mostly neutral and muted so that neither textures nor decorations can distract from the essentiality of the space. In order to design and decorate a truly minimalist home, your interior decorator needs to let design itself be the main protagonist.

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The other necessity that brought about the genesis of Nordic style is the lack of natural light in Scandinavian countries. Natural light has a tremendous impact on our interiors and also on our emotional wellbeing therefore nature, natural materials and organic shapes are all elements you should use to decorate a Nordic inspired interior.

Wood, linen, cotton and wool will help you decorating a home that feels comfortable, warm and relaxing. You can experiment with different colour palettes here even though the most important choice will be the colour and kind of wood you decide to use throughout the house as natural wood is the distinguishing feature of Nordic interior design.

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The feeling is mutual between these two styles and that is the constant search for a balanced, calm home design where everything is functional and nothing is superfluous. Decorating a home in Fuerteventura allows you to play with different colour combinations and if this is something of importance to you, Nordic style is what will suit your necessities because there are many neutral colours and soft tones that you can use. On the other hand, a minimalist colour palette is basic and mostly relies on black and white.

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When you walk into a minimalist home, most of times you won't find many decorations because the design of the sofa, the whiteness of the walls and the shapes and lines of the space itself are enough to make a statement. Living a meaningful life means getting rid of things that do not have a purpose in your life, starting with furnishings, decorations and even clothing. This is minimalism and this is where Nordic style differs: as long as the space feel light and natural light shines in, you can decorate any room without being too strict.

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In general, Nordic style feels more warm, cosy and welcoming than a minimalist interior however, they are just two different sides of the same coin. You will find many decorations made of natural materials and fibres in Nordic interiors to create a warm environment that feels immediate and visible. People who opt for a minimal approach to home living will only add meaningful furniture and decorations to the space and this is their way to make it feel personal and purposeful.

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Though they are two distinct style and though they achieve the same goal in different ways, their mission is: to design and decorate a functional space.

The minimalist trend promotes neat and white spaces with little-to-none decorations because functionality is interpreted as a state of mind. A clean space is a space where you can find meaning and multitask through the day because your mental and physical wellbeing are immediately taken care of by the peacefulness of the living space. On the other hand, if your are more practical and your life is a bit more hectic, Nordic style is all about designing a space where furniture, decorations and custom-made storage solutions are all cleverly distributed throughout the space in order to facilitate daily activities. A highly organized space can make your home life easier and make you feel less stressed.

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Both styles are the perfect ones if your priorities are adding simplicity and elegance to a space. An interior designer and home decorator can help you create the perfect minimalist or Nordic interior for your home or villa in Fuerteventura.

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