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Minimalism for your Home Interior

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

An easy introduction to the minimalist interior design style for your home in the Canary Islands.

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It is not surprising at all that in a world were we spend more and more time on our smartphones and social media feeds, people are always on the look for the next detox week, be it from technology, pollution, junk food or the noises of the city. The need for quiet moments of mindfulness, meditation or a simple walk outdoor in nature is becoming a luxury a few can afford. If you are lucky enough to live in the Canary Islands, or have a holiday home here were you can escape to, a minimalist approach to the interior design of your property could be the perfect choice if you are someone who rejects excess and wants to focus on the essential.

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Minimalism is not only a style; it is a true way of living. Born in the 60’s, this trend has quickly made its way to architecture and interior design, promoting its answer to any question regarding home styling and interior living: less is more. This is the only way to keep things essential, functional and modern at the same time. Going for a minimal style for your home décor means valuing the beauty of nature and quality of your furniture, avoiding at all cost a cluttered space. Slow living and introspection is more important that accumulating objects; opening up the space and big windows facing idyllic landscapes is more important than an extra storage room. Natural light becomes a tangible element of the interior design.

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This does not mean your home will become a cold and unwelcoming place to return to. On the contrary, designing an essential home means creating lines and shapes that envelop every living area, promoting linearity and geometry. When it comes to colours, the many shades of white are not the only option. You can opt for sober and neutral tones as long as they don’t prevail on the materials of the furniture décor. Deciding not to accumulate too many pieces of furniture and objects not only highlights the space but also makes it larger than it looks and this is a great option for those who don't have many square meters.

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It is true, using white paint on the walls makes for a cleaner and lighter home with no “visual obstruction” but it is not a must. You can play with some touches of color for your sofa and furniture and use shiny materials such as glass and metal (one of our favourite in our minimalist home decorations). Floors tend to be concrete, resins or other simple surfaces with no pattern. Black can be used in contrast to white, bringing a little industrial touch to your home but you can also add to your minimal interior décor nuances of gold and copper or pastel tones according to your personal taste.

Decorations for the home are always reduced to a minimum in the minimalist décor. The architecture of the space must always be the main protagonist together with carefully chosen pieces of furniture. On the other hand, art is often present in minimalist houses and at Noogar we really value this. You can use large canvases of modern and abstract art or important sculptures but they too must have room to "breathe" and placed in a focal point, just like the arrangement of the furnishing, another key feature. Your rooms must be large and airy, with the bulk of the furniture reduced to the bare minimum. In open spaces the furnishings are positioned in the center of the room allowing the walls to remain clear and visible. The wall units are often suspended and not resting on the ground, creating contrasts between full and empty, space and lightness.

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Contrary to modern design trends, a minimal design for your home becomes a synonym for a simple and practical way of living where oftentimes the kitchen and the living room share one big open space in order for you, and the energy, to flow easily from one room to the next. Low Japanese inspired beds, wardrobes with sliding doors, Scandinavian furniture and large sofas all have one thing in common: creating a peaceful environment for your home.

Would you like to bring to your home a minimalist interior? Contact us to find out more about all the services we can offer you!

 Make it Home. Make it Noogar.

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